A Letter to My Online Friends

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A Letter to My Online Friends

To All My Social Media Friends,

For those who are close to me and for those who know me to be supportive of #erotica – nothing has changed. I am, however, stepping back a bit from the review process to focus on my own writing. The recent success of the FemWorld Series has motivated me to do more and that begins with two new full-length novels that have taken over a two years to write. 

I have worked tirelessly over the past month with a friend who will be taking over the review process and helped her with a web site which I think you will all appreciate and enjoy if you are looking for #bookreviews of your work.  Visit @MoreThanErotica and the new web site to learn more.

I am not going far and will continue to review books of those who are closest to me (you know who you are), but right now I have gotten a serious itch I need to scratch. 

I hope you understand and will continue to support me and other independent writers.

M.C. Questgend

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