#BookReview: Caught by His Roommate by Crystal Summers

Romance Author

#BookReview: Caught by His Roommate by Crystal Summers

When Peter met Lisa, he thought he’d found the perfect roommate. She was cute. She was friendly. She had a closet full of feminine clothes and very high heels. And she was just about Peter’s size. Peter couldn’t wait for her to move in so he could explore her wardrobe. Unfortunately for Peter, she catches him doing exactly that and she’s not happy about it. Peter’s life is about to change in a very big way.

I have read several stories by Crystal and this is the best one yet. The premise is very believable and the private moments between the roommates is very arousing. You can get lost in this tale. An audio book of this story will make you throw your head back, close your eyes and use both hands as you dream of being Peter.


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