#BookReview: Crossdressing Resort by Barbara Deloto

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#BookReview: Crossdressing Resort by Barbara Deloto

This story inspired me a year and a half ago to see if it was possible to make a true reality. While the law and the lack of interest pushed the possibility aside, it did not take away from the fun of this story.

Barbara tells a tale of two people who live similar but different lives. A free crossdresser and a closeted one still living in fear, but with just enough courage to shop. Ash shows a frightening confidence that no closet dweller or man can imagine. Indie’s intimidated by Ash, but draws closer – wanting to have the same courage instead of an angry denial. Ash has a demanding presence and pushes Indie to a subtle humiliating experience, but Indie eventually calms down and becomes more comfortable around his new friend as the two continue their shopping spree.

But Ash is not just trying to bring the “real” Indie out. She is going to get her way by helping Indie explore her “true” self. In the process, Indie becomes conflicted. Fighting the urge to please a man while embracing the urge to do the same. The challenge is Indie is outnumbered and the urges are getting the best of “her.” This is a can’t miss story for the confident and the novice explorer. You both have something to learn and something to enjoy.


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