#BookReview: Female Legacy by Daniela R. Lovejoy

#BookReview: Female Legacy by Daniela R. Lovejoy

I stumbled across a new author this week and had the opportunity to read the two stories she had written so far. Female Legacy is a wonderful story about Alex who is struggling in life but whose world is about to change after learning he is the sole heir of his distant uncle’s estate. The initial excitement is quickly turned to anger, disappointment and confusion as he learns that his inheritance is not monetary… at least not in the form of cash. He instead receives a message and keys to a storage locker which is filled with junk, but one man’s junk is another man’s treasure as Alex finds the real value in the form of a special box that he initially dismisses. The subtle sexual tension Alex has for his lesbian friend Sally is obvious and without giving too much away, the two have a unique bond that is inseparable.

The story has an immediate punch in the mouth of excitement for Alex and doesn’t tell much about Alex’s background, but for a short story, it hits the mark. The atmosphere and characters are very well described and the steamier scenes are very detailed. The sudden conflict puts Alex in a frightening and confusing predicament, but Sally is quick to lend a hand. The short timeline of this story left a lot of room for a sequel… “What’s next for Alex?” and “What really happened to the uncle?”

What I notice about new writers is they write with their heart much more than their brain and sometimes try to overdue the vocabulary… especially during a dialog conversation between characters. This is not a fault or a knock against an author, it is a strength of the author who is trying to find the right voice and style for their writing. The dialog in this story is a little too “intelligent”, using vocabulary that you might not get during a casual conversation, but if you focus on the story itself it is a wonderful tale of one man’s attempt to get through life and be just a little happier.

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