#BookReview: Gambling on Gender by Sally Bend

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#BookReview: Gambling on Gender by Sally Bend

Don’t blink when you read this story or you could lose yourself in it. Sally’s risk taking in her short story Gambling on Gender is a winner; taking the gambling world to a new place and the reader reaching for their wallet. The main character in this story is looking for a break at the slots after having a rough day of feeding machines with almost nothing to show for it, but a little honesty goes along way and his luck begins to change… just not as expected.

The quick and magical transformations in this story include a roller coaster of emotions. As this casino was in complete control. This story is for the fantasy driven but be careful as your fantasies may be replaced with some difficult visuals as the character goes through one transformation after another and not all of them are what you would expect. As the character was not transforming but transporting from person to person in the casino.

The story progresses as the character becomes enthralled in the adventures of the casino patrons, but also faces an uncertain future. Can he get out? Can he find himself? Does he want to? Without giving away anymore secrets of this wonderful story, readers of this one should think about what “could” happen and not what you wish “would” happen. This is not a feel good story as much as it is an exciting scary one. Much like gambling, taking risks in a casino can have pleasurable and frightening outcomes… which would you prefer and is the casino a real place of opportunity or an inviting place that turns to a prison?


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