#BookReview: Leslie: First Time Hot Wife by Aleson Alexander

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#BookReview: Leslie: First Time Hot Wife by Aleson Alexander

This is a slight deviation from the books I normally read, but Aleson is a new writer who is dipping her toe into the genre and so far she’s moving in the right direction.

This is a nice story about a divorced man who is facing a challenge at work in the form of a distracting evaluator. This hot married woman takes a liking and decides to take a first hand approach to his improvement. I am a big fan of the analytical and mathematical careers which drew me to the story at the beginning. Leslie reminds me of a woman in need but who also must maintain control and she does just that as she teaches young David how to please.

This is not subtle as Leslie gives specific and direct instructions to her novice lover who appears to be more focused on his career than the finer things in life. In the process, David got an education and Leslie, got much more as she transformed David from a timid love maker, afraid to take charge, into someone completely different. An aggressive animal who would take what he wanted, only to learn one more lesson at the end.


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