#BookReview: Make Him Fit by Sally Bend

Romance Author

#BookReview: Make Him Fit by Sally Bend

Blackmail and Humiliation is a great combination for this story.  

Sally did a fantastic job on this one. Make Him Fit tells the story of Brian.

An arrogant, rude young man who objectifies the women around him – or, in his eyes, beneath him. Nowhere is that more obvious than at the gym, where he openly drools over beautifully toned bodies and secretly captures workout footage for his amateur porn channel. Tired of his antics, a small group of victimized women reaches out to Diana, a professional trainer. With their encouragement, she will break him, blackmail him, and make him fit the model of what an obedient male should be.

While Brian fights to retain something of his manhood, he is humiliated, emasculated throughout the story. I loved the immediate capture and mindful punishment the girls put him through and the fear they instilled.  The amazonian goddess had a wonderful sinister characteristic – playful yet manipulative and her strong direct attitude implied a horrific conclusion to the encounters with her.

Sheila and Diana’s aggressive seduction of Brian was punishment enough, but the transformation of Brian to Brianna added even more excitement.  The troop’s calculated focus – each taking a specific role in Brianna’s “training” read as a thrilling how to manual. The introduction of Andrea at the end was perfect timing, but saying much more would give too much away.

Overall, it is a fantastically told story – filled with detail after detail of lessons ruthless males should learn about how strong ruthless women can be.  This story is another for Sally – WINNER!!!  5 Stars


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