#BookReview: Please be Gentle by Nikki Crescent

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#BookReview: Please be Gentle by Nikki Crescent

The description of this book makes it a tad predictable, but it is a nice story. Nikki tells the story about Corey who is looking to makes ends meet and finds an opportunity in the form of a male modeling job; but this one is not that simple as he is being asked to model in women’s clothing. Coming from a rich family, he was in unusual waters now being forced to live outside of his parents fortune, so he took a chance and tried to make it work.

After reluctantly accepting, he stepped into a new pair of shoes for a couple of hours and made the best of a very uncomfortable situation, but that was only the beginning as the job took off. So much so that he was now being asked to do a little more than just some tasteful crossdressing. With each “shoot”, the poses became racier and racier and was now drawing interest from a small group of fans which would bring in even more income for Corey, but Corey became conflicted when modeling became porn.

The story was excellently told with a slow build up allowing the reader to feel Corey’s experiences at their pace with a wonderful climax at the end; and with a new direction for Corey when the story was done.


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