#BookReview: Snow Globes and Candy Canes by Sally Bend

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#BookReview: Snow Globes and Candy Canes by Sally Bend

Once again, Sally has given us a gift and it is the perfect holiday gift this season. The plot of this short story revolves around a couple who returned home from a holiday party and decide to give each other early Christmas gifts. The characters of this story initially had me assuming Nick was in full control when in fact the control came from Sandra. It proves that even the toughest guys have a soft side. Christmas wishes are granted for both characters and anyone who reads about Nick and Sandra and the love they have for each other. FANTASTIC STORY!

I loved couples playfully hard instruction and Nick’s initial restraint.  For such a rugged guy, Nick has a playful streak that I bet his construction buddies would make fun of if they knew.  When we learn a little more about Nick, he is not as rough and tough as we thought, but still had a need to satisfy and it was a nice surprise to learn who was really in control. Dreams do come true for these two and I can see their sudden excitement.  Their Christmas gift sharing was fantastic – filled with Sandra’s control and a willing submissive attitude by Nick. As the transformation progressed, I loved the initial concern Sandra had that was quickly replaced with her self exploration. Their morning after breakfast romp was amazing and had me looking around my kitchen daydreaming as I continued to read through to a fantastic ending… Talk about the best Christmas wish a couple could have!

Sally is finishing the year off with a BANG!

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  1. Sally Bend says:

    Thank you so much, hon! So glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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