Bookreview sparks inspiration

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Bookreview sparks inspiration

I owe a great deal of thanks to my friends and fans who support my writing. I do my best to recognize those who take the time to not only read my work but who are brave enough to provide comments (both private and public) about my stories. I draw inspiration from many different places. Sometimes it is something I see, but I also draw inspiration from other writers. When this happens, storylines and the basic shape of the story and it’s characters start to appear. Sometimes very clear, but many times fuzzy and in need of some polish.

Recently I had a new experience after getting the chance to get a preview of a friends new artistic piece. My good friend and fellow erotic author, Sally Bend had just finished up a recent piece and shared it with me to get my thoughts. Sally and I collaborate quite a bit and review each other’s work. Her honesty is always appreciated whenever I put a story together.

It can be very difficult for writers to get honesty from a friend. Sometimes criticism can be very difficult to hear – especially when you have poured your heart and soul into a project. I’ve come to respect Sally immensely and can always count on her to give me her honest opinion about any of my stories. She can relate to them so much that she can catch points of the story that are underdeveloped or need to be refined.

Getting back to my recent experience, I reviewed her story and drew so much inspiration from it, I started putting notes down for a new project. It’s not that unusual to draw inspiration from others stories, but it can be difficult – especially when you try and make your story original and not rehash portions of the story that inspired it. What was unusual was how the story almost seemed to write itself after I completed my review.

I reviewed my notes from the review then took a few more notes for my own new project and next thing you know, I had a new project that just needed some dialog to further explain the conflict and graphic steamy scenes. When I was done, I immediately shared it with Sally who was very prompt and honest in areas that needed work. The story itself only took a few days to write and it showed in the first draft. My own initial proof read usually doesn’t catch everything and Sally review was perfect timing to get me to take a day to soak in her comments and refine the original draft into a better story (check out Identity Abduction

I think at some point Sally and I will have to write a story together. Thanks Sally for you friendship and honesty. I don’t know what I would do without your guidance.

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