The Company Policy
My Short Stories / June 6, 2017

  New Short Story The Company Policy [Available on Amazon Kindle] I was very happy with my current job, but always kept my options open when it came to my career.  When the perfect opportunity appeared, I was sold very early on and all set for a change of scenery.  Little did I know that the change in scenery would be much more than a new office and paint on the walls.        

Frat Sister?
My Short Stories / May 25, 2017

  New Short Story: Frat Sister? [Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited] Devin hadn’t seen his frat brother in five years.  When a reunion was planned, he was excited to see his old friend, but the excitement was turned to shock when his friend Mike was gone and replaced by Michelle.  How would Devin react?  How would Michelle break the news? And How would the two co-exist?    

The Back Room 2nd Edition
My Short Stories / May 15, 2017

Updated Short Story: The Back Room 2nd Edition A maintenance issue in my building LITERALLY exposes skeletons in my closet. When I am invited to a party, I decided to try and talk to the guy that discovered my secrets, but instead I met someone new, whose interest in me was as exciting as mine was in him. The excitement was soon moved aside for an intense humiliating event when I was outed. What happened next was more than just unexpected.

My First Man Crush 2nd Edition
My Short Stories / May 15, 2017

Updated Short Story: My First Man Crush 2nd Edition After a nasty divorce, I decided to make some changes in my life instead of trying to hide them. In the process I met new people and took chances I thought I never would. The result turned into the most exhilarating experiences I would ever have.

Gifts for Me 2nd Edition
My Short Stories / May 8, 2017

Updated Short Story: Gifts for Me 2nd Edition Traveling on business is great when you first start out then it becomes more daunting than it is worth. The only advantage is having some time to yourself. That advantage takes on a completely different role when you are snowed in and have time to really let go and do something crazy.

Halloween Party 2nd Edition
My Short Stories / May 8, 2017

Updated Short Story: Halloween Party 2nd Edition A loving couple loves a good track from time to time, but when a price goes too far, it puts their relationship in jeopardy.

Caught In No Man’s Land 2nd Edition
My Short Stories / May 1, 2017

Updated Short Story: Caught In No Man’s Land 2nd Edition Heading home from college can be fun when you are seeing the country, but horrible when your car breaks down. Fortunately these two lovely grease monkeys come to his aid and not only repair his car but teach him lessons he will never forget. The kind of lessons that will keep him coming to town for repairs for a very long time.

The Experiment 2nd Edition
My Short Stories / May 1, 2017

Updated Short Story: The Experiment 2nd Edition Two friends debate over relationships, but one thinks they can prove their side and win the debate. In the process, he gets much more than he bargained for. He not only loses the bet, but loses himself in the process, but it is not a total loss, he gains more than he ever hoped he would.

Enviable Positions
My Short Stories / April 3, 2017

New Short Story: Enviable Positions Nick is in a difficult spot after his wife catches him. After a messy divorce that could have ended his career, he remains private until his assistant talks him into attending the office halloween party. During his short visit, he meets a woman who admires his “costume”. Little does he know that the woman is the owner of the company’s largest account and is threatening to pull out unless “she” negotiates the new contract. Nick is now forced to make a decision to save the company or have his “secrets” revealed to the world and lose his job in the process.

Sissy Two-Step
My Short Stories / December 21, 2016

New Short Story: Sissy Two Step Living in a small town doesn’t lend itself to a great deal of privacy – even more so when you are different. Coming back home to take possession of the family farm, was filled with emotions, but nothing prepared me for the emotions I would have after I arrived, The reception was so unexpected it made it difficult to leave and go back to the big city.