Fantasies… Labels… CHOICES… OH MY!

Fantasies… Labels… CHOICES… OH MY!

For those who visit me here and follow me on social media, you know that I write. I write FICTION and yes, I write some unusual stories that some agree with and others do not. I have come to realize that I cannot please everyone and I am okay with that. I receive email and social media messages from some great people who express their opinions about my writing. Some in support and others who are less than supportive, but the one I got last night was a tough one. I’d like to share a portion of it…

I found you on twitter and read a little about what you do. I can’t believe you would write horrible stories about REAL transgender people. You objectify good people like pieces of meat and people actually pay you money for it. Shame on you for contributing to the reason why transgender people are misunderstood and continue to live in fear. My brother lived this fear and committed suicide because of the bullying he faced… I don’t know if you are transgender or not and don’t care, but for another transgender person to treat others like this, true or not is wrong and you are wrong for doing it...

I corrected some of the grammatical errors and I’ll spare you the last comment this person wrote to me.

I get things like this all the time and usually respond in kind to help him or her understand why I write what I write. I am sure it doesn’t change the person’s opinion of me, but I believe the person deserves that much after taking the time to write to me. I have never been a fan of labels and yet, I AM transgender and write transgender erotic stories. Unfortunately, there is no other way to describe us at the present. My characters are put into difficult positions – BY ME, and are loosely based on real life situations I have seen or experiences first hand. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and I understand that there are many who do not appreciate the choices I have made, but they are mine to make.

I write fiction. I write about wonderful characters who just happen to be different and sometimes show a vulnerability that I have experienced over the years. It’s what I know and it helps to remind me that I can be strong or confident and still be taken advantage of and hurt. To coin a phrase from a movie… “It’s not how hard you hit… It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

HIT #1: Transgender people are mislabels because WE ARE LABELLED!

HIT #2: People fear what they do not understand and rather than learn who we are and how we choose to live our life, they reject through violence (verbal, physical or otherwise).

HIT #3: The LGBTQ community (another label) is NOT RECRUITING. We just want to live our life our way… JUST LIKE YOU, but while we accept you, you REFUSE to accept us.

HIT #4: Transgender people need love and sex and yes some chose unconventional methods to get both, but because we choose a different method, we are labelled FREAKS, FAGS or some other insulting word that is not only ignorant and inaccurate, but hateful.

HIT #5: Some transgender people and others in the LGBTQ community are forced to live in secret and in fear because of society’s lack of acceptance. As a result some (like myself), become somewhat of a hermit or recluse and have to find other ways to sustain themselves (both financially and socially) because we are not allowed to live our lives the way we want to – even if we chose to live a very private life.

We all have different feelings, beliefs, and desires.

I choose to write what motivates me and inspires me and that is not going to change. We are all inspired by our senses. Things we see, touch, smell and hear. I have found inspiration from the simplest of things like photos, someone’s shared thought or other writing and even people walking down the street. I also draw a lot of inspiration from my past. A time that was not very pleasant and very abusive. To some, I am considered a masochist because I write about vulnerable moments that include sex acts. Maybe I am, but I prefer to think of it as a reminder that I can choose to be vulnerable or choose not to be. This is not a sexual gratification thing… this is self awareness and to shy away from reality because it happens to be written fictionally to any extent in my opinion… is delusional.

To the person who wrote me the lengthy email last night, I want to thank you. You remind me that I am not always going to make friends with every person I encounter but I should still show them some level of respect. I am sorry to hear about your brother, I am sure that his choice was not sudden and it is unfortunate that someone could not reach him in time to provide him the help and support he needed. What is important to remember is that you have an opportunity to keep his spirit and memory alive by accepting him for who he IS. To criticize me is your right and your responsibility. You should speak out when you have a thought to express, but understand that I too have that right. I chose to express myself through my writing and as I have mentioned many times, I write as a release but also to inspire… and yes, people pay for my stories, because they want to be entertained.


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