June 29, 2017

I moved away to go to college and while I had a nice apartment and a good job, I was still young and an idiot when it came to managing my money, so I ended up having to take an odd job or two to make ends meet. I didn’t have many friends that first year since I was not only new to the area, but also very different. I did however manage to meet a few new friends, but they only knew what I wanted them to see.

Karen, one of my friends recommended me for a house sitting job while she and her parents traveled to Europe for two weeks. I thought it would be an easy way to focus on my studies and since I had the place to myself have a little more “me time” and get paid doing it. So I packed a couple of bags and headed over. After getting the grand tour, I went over the list of things that they were most concerned about and as they left I jumped back into my other skin.

I started by hitting the bathroom and taking a nice hot bath in their huge master bathroom that was almost as big as my apartment. After that I slipped on my favorite bra and panty set and put on a fluffy robe and headed to the kitchen to make dinner. I talked with my sister on the phone and then to my ex boyfriend Drew who also moved away to go to college. Drew and I remained friends but our relationship fizzled after we both went through a number of changes and he found a nice “real” girl to spend his time with. I thought I might be hurt by that, but I was really happy for him.

As I was wrapping up the phone call with Drew, I heard the front door open. I stepped away from the Kitchen bar so I could see who had just come in.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hi Bren, it’s me Karen.” she said.

“I thought you were going with your folks?” I asked.

“No, I was just taking them to the airport.” she said.

As she put her purse down she look at me and it was not the look she was expecting to see either.

“What is going on here?” she asked as she looked at me in a fluffy pink robe and my head wrapped in a towel.

I wasn’t sure what to tell her. So I tried to make something up.

“I thought you were going with them, so I took a bath and was fixing dinner. Let me go change and I can make diner for both of us.” I said as I started to walk back to the bedroom.

The only problem was she followed me into the bedroom and saw my luggage and all of Brenda’s clothes.

“What the hell is all of this?” she asked, “Did you bring a girl here?”

“Not exactly.” I said.

At that point I knew chances were unlikely she would believe any lie I tried to come up with so I slowly opened my robe and let her take a look at the lingerie I was wearing. She took long look at me and I figured, I would be losing not just my job but my friend as well.

“Let me get my things, and I’ll go.” I said.

“You don’t have to go.” she said, “I’m just confused.”

“I understand,” I replied. “Sorry about all of this. It might be best if I just go.”

“No wait. I’m sorry… you just caught me off guard.” she said as she walked up to me and opened my robe.

“What are you doing?” I asked as she wrapped her arms around me through the robe.

“Well you are already dressed, maybe we can share secrets and have a little fun.” she replied, “Besides, I was hoping we could get together anyway.”

She pressed me closer to her warm body and kissed me passionately, in the processes she pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me continuing to kiss my lips and neck. With my bags on the bed, it made it a little crowded. So, we paused for a brief moment… long enough to move the bags and get undressed. She dropped her sweats revealing her pink thong and matching bra. She then moved closer to me and dropped to her knees as she took down my panties – exposing my man parts.

She took a firm hold of my cock and immediately started to wet it with her tongue as she began stroking it with both hands. The only thing holding me up at that point was her grip. The feeling was sensational. She continued to lick my cock as it grew harder. She then opened her mouth and welcomed my shaft straight in.


As I continued to moan, the faster she went. I was so close to cumming I pulled her off me abruptly and immediately coward on the edge of the bed.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, “Don’t you want me?”

“I’m sorry, of course I do.” I replied, “It’s just, I have never been with a girl before… at least not like this.”

“Okay then come with me.” she said as she stood up and took me by the hand.

We walked into her room and she sat me down. She then went to get my luggage and placed it on her bed. She proceeded to finish undressing and picked out a something nice from my bag and then took me into her closet and had me do the same. While I was searching, she put on one of my favorite lingerie outfits and was sliding on one of my dresses.

“Did you find something?” she asked.

“Uh… yeah.” I replied.

After I put on one of her outfits, she helped me adjust the spaghetti straps and then went to her dresser where she pulled a pair of crotchless fishnet pantyhose and a garter belt and black nylons. She helped me with the pantyhose and slipped on a pair of my leather pumps then had me watch as she pulled on each of the nylons over her smooth long legs. After we were dressed we stood together in front of her mirror admiring each other and then she went back to the closet and came out with a makeup bag, but this bag had no makeup in it.

“Come on, let’s go.” she said.

She led me out to the large living room, where she sat me down and place the bag on the coffee table.

“I haven’t done this since my sorority days.” she said as she grabbed a blindfold.

She put the blindfold on me ensuring I couldn’t see and instructed me to remain very quiet and still. I could hear the rustling of something in the background, but remained still. It then was silent and I could feel her in front of me.

“Do you trust me?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Then open your mouth.” she instructed.

Without hesitation I opened my mouth and I could feel the softness of her breast rub against my cheek as she positioned her nipple in front of my mouth. I reacted quickly by flicking it with my tongue and suckling on it. As I did, she reached down and pulled up my skirt and began playing with my cock which was still hard. She then pressed my legs together so she could climb up on my lap with each leg outside of mine and as my legs began to reopen she began rubbing her wet pussy against my cock.


She immediately got up and turned around. She then took hold of my cock and held it in position as she sat back down as I could feel the wet warmth of the inside of her pussy. She slid down taking all I had to offer.

“OOOOOOOO…. YEAH… BABY, I LOVE IT.” she shouted.

All I could do was fall back on the couch and moan uncontrollably. She began to bounce up and down on my cock holding my legs in position with her hands which were grasping each of my knees.

“UH… UH… UH HUH… UH HUH… YES… OH YES… OH GGGGOOOODD YES…” she shouted in ecstasy.

As I laid there, the blindfold moved and I could see through the opening as her ass moved up and down on my shaft. I had never felt this before. This was nothing like jerking off, she was amazing.

“I want you to cum baby.” she demanded as she moved faster.

She began to tire, so she got up and moved next to me and removed the blindfold and stood me back up.

“Come on baby, fuck me.” she demanded again.

I stood behind her and watched as she put her ass in perfect position, spreading her legs far enough to see her wet pussy. I slowly moved in clutching my cock and penetrating her once again.


I began to pound into her over and over again faster and faster each time. As I got close I stopped, leaving my cock inside her and watching her shake and I could feel her squeeze my cock. I then continued to press on sliding in and out of her until I was ready to cum.

As I pulled out, I said, “Oh yeah I’m going to cum.”

She quickly turned around and positioned herself in front of me facing my cock. She took hold for me and stroked and sucked my cock until I exploded all over her face. It was the biggest explosion I had ever had. The cum covered her face and she pulled me down and began to kiss me and rubbed some of the cum off her face with her hand and instructed me to open my mouth and take some of my own medicine, something I had done in the past.

After we were done, we got up and went to the shower and cleaned up, we then went back to her room and changed clothes for the night. I wore my favorite black silk nightgown and she wore a t-shirt. We laid in bed together until we both fell asleep.

The next morning, I was abruptly woken up with slaps to my bare ass. She was like a guy with morning wood, only this time , she had simulated wood. I turned over to see her in a black bustier, black stockings and a strap-on dildo.

“Get up,” she said.

As I adjusted and stretched, she was having none of it.

“It’s your turn, come here.” she commanded.

I looked at her and looked at her long toy and never questioned her as I slide over and sat on the edge of the bed opening my mouth and taking the rubber dong in my mouth.

“Good girl, you know how to suck cock.” she said.

“MMM HMMM…” I said with my mouth full.

She held the back of my head as I continued to go down on this long shaft. It wasn’t long before I heard her start to moan again as I never noticed that the cock was also pleasure her from behind. She got so wet and excited she pulled the cock out of my mouth and turned me around and bent me over. She squirted a what seemed like an entire bottle of lube onto my ass and began preparing my ass for the gifts she planned to give me.

“I’m going to fuck you into next week.” she said.

She then began to slowly push the dildo into me where we both began to shudder and moan.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHhh….” I yelled.

“You like that cock inside you?” she asked.

“OH YEAH….” I screamed.

She continued to push into me until the opening was nice and lubed then began to press in and out of me faster and deeper.

“OH…OH… YEAH… YEAH…” I shouted.

“I love your tight pussy baby.” she said.

“YES… YES… YES… FUCK ME…” I said.

“You like it in your ass?” she asked.

“YES…” I said.

“Yes what?” she asked.


She continued to fuck me then I felt her push in really deep and could feel her midsection pressed firmly up against mine. She didn’t move, but I could feel her shake, so I rose up with the cock still inside me and as she laid her body against my back, I reached back and held her with my hands.

“FUCK THAT WAS GREAT…” she said.

Her hands slid around my waist and rested around my stomach. I held her hands softly and never said a word as I simply enjoyed the cock still inside me. I slowly began to move forward and back again when she noticed.

“You want more don’t you…” she suggested.”

“mmm hhmmm….” I said.

I then bent back over and let her finish what she started. She began to fuck me fast and deep until I came all over my night gown and the bed. When I was finally done, I fell forward onto the cum covered sheets as Karen laid alongside of me. We didn’t leave the bed the rest of the day. That evening we got up and showered together and had a nice dinner there at the house.

I kept thinking to myself, “I was so glad I misunderstood the travel plans and was looking forward to the rest of their trip.”


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