Finding Glory

July 7, 2017

After my second year of college, I had experienced more than I’d ever hoped, both in and out of the classroom. I had few new friends and a few “more casual” friends, but nothing exclusive and I think that was fine for all of us. I went through some dry spells where I was so wrapped up in school and work that dressing and sex were just not in the plans. Usually when that happened, I worked harder to finish the task at hand so I could have some time just for me.

Right after finals I ran into just such an occasion. Most of my friends had returned home for the summer and I wasn’t planning that trip for at least another week. I started cleaning up my apartment, which was, never really dirty, but just a little cluttered during the preparation for finals. I then packed away a few things for the summer including some of my winter clothes. Before I started packing for the trip home, I wanted at least one more night of fun.

I dressed up in a tight spandex miniskirt with black tights and leopard print pumps. I added a black lace bra and a black sheer top that intentionally didn’t really hide the bra at all. I wore a lot more makeup than I usually do and styled my hair like I was a blond 1980’s rock and roll groupie. Once I was all set, I jumped in my car and headed out for the evening. I started by hitting one of my favorite bars, where Brenda was a regular. The gay bar always had a tranny night and I loved going way over the top when I went there.

I ran into a few of my close friends from school who knew me and we danced for a bit and drank even more. We eventually found an empty table and talked about our summer plans. While most of us were either working or heading home for the summer, we all planned to stay busy. I was thrilled to be going home to see Mom and my sisters, but torn because it does take away from Brenda getting out more. Since I started college, Brenda was out more and more. She never attended class, but she did see a lot of the sights around town.

As our little group kept the conversation going, the subject moved much more sexual.

“Damn I need sex so bad…” Jenny said.

“I know, it’s been more than a month for me.” Gina replied.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked sarcastically.

“Shut up Bren, just because you can get it anytime you want.” Jenny said.

It was true, I had perfected my look better than the others but it didn’t mean I could get sex whenever I wanted. I was just as needy and sexually frustrated as they were – I just didn’t go about announcing it. As we continued to throw back the beer and cocktails, a couple of guys came to ask me to dance and while I respectfully declined, the “girls” didn’t stop razzing me.

“You see, you slut, the guys are not coming to ask us to dance.” Gina said.

“I mean really, you can’t spread the wealth a little bit for us.” Jenny said.

“You know as much as you guys talk about needing it or wanting it, why don’t you just go into the bathroom and take care of business on each other.” I said.

Strange that I said that; I felt like such a hypocrite, but I was just getting tired of listening to the sexual tension. As the evening died down, we decided to head out. Everyone was still very drunk and as we walked out, Jenny and Gina made the suggestion of going across the street to the adult store to do a little shopping. The last time they were there, they spent a lot of money and bitched about it for weeks, so I decided to tag along to keep an eye on them.

We walked into the store and I followed the girls around as they started to pick things out that I had to quickly talk them out of. Things they already had or never really needed. As we were finishing up I was able to get them outside and called them a cab. I got them settled and was planning to head back to my apartment. I was still buzzing and not ready to make the short drive home, so I was looking for a place to go that I could sober up. Unfortunately the only thing still open at that hour was the adult store.

So I walked back in and decided to catch a late night movie. They pointed me to the private viewing rooms and I sat down as the movie began. The room was relatively dark outside of the light coming from the screen. As the movie got more interesting, I found myself hiking up my skirt and rubbing my clit through my tights, getting nice and hard. As I continued to play with myself, I felt a presence and didn’t think I was alone. I stopped to see a pair of eyes looking through a glory hole that was just off to my right side.

I decided to give the viewer a nice show of my own as I continued to rub myself and moan periodically, then I noticed the eyes disappeared and were replaced with a nice long cock. Without hesitation, I reached over stroking the nice hard piece of meat. As I pleasured the person on the other side of the wall, I noticed I was getting very aroused and wanted to give more than just a hand job, so I moved to my forward and squatted down far enough to stay on my feet but close enough to get a taste of what was being offered.

I leaned in and began to lick the nice cock in front of me as I did I could hear the moaning coming from the other side. I continued until I could take no more and slid the cock into my mouth taking every inch. Sucking on it aggressively. The moaning remained constant and I never let up. Pressing my tongue against the shaft as I sucked on it like a straw. Moving my head up and down until I the cock partially disappeared and reappeared just as fast… along with a large thud of a body slamming into the wall. I took a solid grip and continued where I left off, only this time I was not letting go.

My toy tried to leave me, but I was not letting go and continued to maintain my grip until I got what I came for. I heard on the other side of the wall, “OOOOHHHH YYYYEAAAHHH….” and I immediately removed my oral stranglehold on the shaft just in time to watch it explode in front of me, spreading cum all over my hands and on the floor in front of me. I continued to stroke the rod as long as I was allowed to and then it disappeared.

I stood up, pulled down my skirt and sat back down to straighten my hair and fix my makeup. It also gave me the chance to allow my mystery date to leave the store.

I waited another 10 minutes and I was calm enough to leave myself. I walked out confidently and headed for my car. As I did, I heard a car horn honk behind me. I turned around to see a black pickup truck with a man driving who yelled out “THANKS”.

I felt a sense of accomplishment and it was just the amount of confidence I needed to head home feeling very good about myself.

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