One’s A Crowd

May 19, 2017

After my boyfriend and I broke up, I was devastated and it didn’t get any better after he left to be with his new love.  We shared a house together and had to be creative just to lease the place.  We posed as a married couple because the owner was a major homophobe.  Twice a month, just so we could pay the rent, we would play up our loving couple routine in full costume.  Which wasn’t hard for me being a passable CD.  When we split up it became increasingly difficult.

The first couple of months I was able to skate by with excuses that my “husband” was out of town, but the landlord started to come by more often so I had to spill the beans and tell him that we broke up.  He told me that I would be able to stay but he needed employment verification and two references to ensure I could afford the rent.  This is where things went sideways.  Being in the closet about my sexuality made it virtually impossible to verify anything.  No one new I was gay – much less a crossdresser.  

So I started to look around for a new place, but I wasn’t having any luck.  Either the place was too expensive or too far a way.  I needed a roommate and fast so I could stay put, but that didn’t make it any easier.  Since I was putting on a charade for the landlord, I would have to maintain it for the new tenant.  So I tried to buy some time, letting my real talents shine for the landlord.

I asked Mr. Thompson to stop by so I could talk with him and see if we could work something out.  My hope is that he would give me some additional time to find someplace new.

     “Thank you for coming, Mr. Thompson, please come in,” I said.

     “No problem,” he replied, “I’m glad you called me.”

     “I am really sorry about all of this, but I am hoping you and I can work this out.” I said.

     “Look Ms. Darby, I know that it is a tough time for you right now, but I can’t just let you
stay here without verifying you can afford the house.”  he explained.

    “Can I at least get another month to see if I can find a place?” I asked.

     “I’m sorry, I can;t do that.” he replied, “I don’t understand something.  You look like a smart girl
who has fine taste.  You have certainly taken care of the place.  I just don’t understand why I can’t
verify your employment.”

     I bowed my head and said, “It’s complicated.”

     “Forgive me… are you a prostitute?” he asked.

     “No.” I emphatically replied.

“I’m sorry,” he explained, “it’s just… you are being somewhat secretive and without any answers I
don’t know what else I can do.”

     “I assure you I can cover the rent and would even be willing to pay you the next three months in
advance.” I offered.

     “As tempting as that sounds, you really leave me no choice but to hand you this letter of eviction.”  he
said as he handed me the envelope.

I started to cry as I walked him to the door.  He offered me his handkerchief and tried to console me as I opened the door.  He then thought of a way that might work.

     “I hesitate to bring this up, but we could work this out another way.”  he said.

     “How? What do I need to do?” I asked.

     “We would have to keep this just between us.” he explained, “If anyone found out, I would deny
it and would have you evicted on the spot.”

     “Okay, what’s your idea?” I asked again.

     “Now if you can’t do this, you need to tell me now and I will file the paperwork.” he said, “If you can,
I can take tear up that envelope.”

     “What?  What do I need to do?” I begged.

I was excited that he was willing to let me stay, but I never knew the price would be so high.

     “If you agree, I will cut your rent in half and you can stay as long as you like as long as the rent is taken care of and you can agree to the new terms.” he said.

     “What are the new terms?” I asked.

He reached down and quickly unbutton his pants.  I could see he was bursting at the seams as his cock was trying to break through his zipper.  He never said anything, just stood there looking at me as he rubbed his hard cock.

     “What do you say?” he asked.

I wasn’t sure what to say.  I was pretty sure he didn’t know I was really a man and I wasn’t sure how long this arrangement would go on.  What I needed was time.  Time to think about it or to find another place.  But time was not something I had at the time.

     “So you are going to cut my rent in half and I can stay as long as I want, right?” I confirmed.

     “Yep,” he said.

Well if nothing else, it would save me at least one month’s rent and some more time.  Besides, it had been a couple of months since I had a good time.  So I walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.  I ran my hands down his chest and stomach as I knelt down in front of him.  I began to firmly rub my hand over his cock through his pants as he leaned against the front door.

     “Oh wow, this is happening.” he uttered softly.

     “Oh yes baby, it’s happening,” I replied.

I pulled down his pants and slowly exposed his hard cock. I slowly looked up at him and moved in licking the tip of his shaft and running my tongue down to his balls.  I worked back up making sure he was nice and wet then opened wide and took every inch of his hot cock.  

     “OH GOD, YEAH.” He shouted.

I pulled back and began to quickly stroke his cock.  As he started to bend over towards me, I pushed his chest back up with my other hand.  I then got back to work, pressing my tongue against his cock as I slide it in and out of my mouth.  

      “Slow down baby,” he said.

      “I want you to cum in my mouth baby.” I replied.

      As I engulfed his cock once again, the back of his head fell back against the door as he said, “Fuck, that feels good…. Yeah baby… Yeah…”

As I continued to mouth fuck him, I kept thinking about how he would react if he found out he was getting his best blowjob from a tranny… and we almost found out.

      “I want to fuck you right now baby,” he said.

      “Easy baby…” I said, “One step at a time.”

I then moved back in and tried quickly to get him to cum.  Sliding up and down his shaft and flicking the tip of his cock as he grabbed the back of my head.  He pressed my head against him closer and closer as I began to gag on his rod as the tip hit the back of my throat.

      “Oh yeah baby… yeah… Yeah… YEAH.” he said as he began to shake, “I’m cumming baby… YES… YES… OOOOHHHHH…. YEEEEAAAHHHHH.”

He held my head in place so I could catch every drop of his explosion.  As I started to choke, he let go and I pulled back to catch another shot of his cum on my face.  I continued to stroke him gently as he delivered the rest of his juices down my hand.  He was having a hard time keeping his balance, so I quickly let go, making sure he was nice and clean and got to my feet and held his hand as he regained his footing.

     “That was great baby.” he said.

     “Yeah it was,” I said as I wiped the cum from my face with my finger and slid it onto my tongue.

     “I better get going.” he said. “Stay as long as you want.”

      I just smiled at him and said as he left, “See you next month.”

As he left, I closed the door and again, my thoughts gravitated to what he would do if he found out.  I slowly put that to bed after realizing I had all month to figure out a plan.  Besides, I don’t think he would want his wife and buddies to find out he was being serviced by this t-girl.


  • Robertawana August 30, 2017 at 11:35 am

    HOTT story !!! I would to hear about part 2

  • Stockingluvr August 30, 2017 at 11:36 am

    Very Good Story!! I hope we hear how things progress between these two. Thank you!!

  • biggym August 30, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    Hot first story. Excellent and well done. Won’t the landlord be surprised. Thanks for sharing. Waiting until next month.

  • missylouise69 August 30, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    sweet story. lucky landlord looking forward to next month

  • Md_Tony August 30, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    A gurl can do what a gurl has to do, and enjoy it!

  • iwish August 31, 2017 at 8:35 am

    Great way to pay the rent

  • kylie_kained August 31, 2017 at 8:35 am

    I do hope you carry this story on i’ve known others pay the rent this way to. 😉

  • flickerfree August 31, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Good Job

  • Joann69 September 1, 2017 at 8:30 am


  • otownmanflorida September 1, 2017 at 8:30 am

    Please write more. would love to be your landlord!

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