The Costume Caper

July 21, 2017

The full length mirror reflected the image of a young girl dressed in a frilly pink party dress with white lace trimming the bodice.  Smooth Bare shoulders were caressed by the long strawberry blond hair and firm breasts pressed into the fragile fabric.  A white satin ribbon circled the waist below the darts of the dress just above the flare of the somewhat short skirt held outward by six layers of crinoline petticoats.  The legs were smooth, pale, long and slender and the feet were small and adorned by little white lace ankle socks and black patent leather shoes with one inch heels.  The face was beautiful with bright blue eyes and a slender nose and perfect teeth.  The hair cascaded over the thin shoulders from just behind the white ribbon which held it back from the face where the pouting lips were coated with a pink lipstick matching the dress.

Jimmy could stand it no longer and gently reached under the skirt and slowly inserted his trembling fingers under the waistband of the smooth nylon panties.  As his fingers traveled downward they passed over hairless skin as smooth as a baby’s and finally traced over his rapidly growing cock!  He stroked his small member and smooth balls as he looked at the lovely vision in the mirror and dreamed of someone else’s fingers manipulating the center of his sex.  “Aghaa…, Aghaa!” He cried as each touch of the small hand sent shockwaves throughout his body, his hips moved in synchronization with his hand and at last his body convulsed.  “Oh, oh, god!” he groaned as his juice soiled the inside of the wonderful panties and covered his hand.

The sixteen year old collapsed on the floor in front of the mirror with exhaustion from this powerful climax and was sprawled out with his hand still in his panties when he fell asleep.  The sound of keys in a lock and voices echoed in the large room under the stage as Jimmy awoke in a daze.  The click of heels on the hard cement floor approaching drove his mind to a state of full alert and a realization of where he was and how he was dressed.  “Oh shit!” he breathed to himself as he scrambled from the floor and looked for a place to hide; there was a cubby-hole behind the massive wardrobes and he quickly forced his body into it and out of sight, just as the door opened.

“Somebody left the light on again,” said one of the voices as what sounded like three or four of the costume committee entered the room. “Yeah, I’m sure glad it was us who found it and not Miss Hall,” answered another, “She gets mad when we don’t put things away or leave the lights on.” The girls moved about the room, putting things away and re- arranging some of the costumes for about 45 minutes, while Jimmy listened from his hideout and tried not to breath, less he make a sound.  “Hey, Suzie put some boy’s costumes in here again, damn it, when will she ever learn that they go in the other room!”  “Well she’s only a dumb freshman; just gather them up and take them over to the other room and I’ll clean them tomorrow,” came a reply.  “Well, that’s all we have to do in here,” said a voice, “Let’s lockup and get to class before we’re late again.”  Following, mumbled assents from the others, the footsteps headed towards the other end of the room and the only door in or out of the storage space.  The lights were turned off and Jimmy heard the door close with a bang as the lock mechanism set.

“God! that was close,” he said to himself as he once again allowed himself to take a breath.  The room was as dark as a cave with the only light being provided by a small exit sign above the door at the far end. Slowly Jimmy worked his way out of his hiding place, carefully   for any sound that the girls might be coming back and slowly felt his way towards the door.  The petticoats rustled as he moved and his heels clicked on the cement floor as he inched his was through the many racks of clothing between him and the door.  When he finally reached it, it took several attempts before he found the light switch and when the lights came on they almost blinded him.  “I’ve got to get out of here!” he said to himself, “That was too fucking close!”  Immediately, he walked back to the other end of the room where he had left his clothes, unzipping the dress as he walked.  As his eyes scanned the area, he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.  “Oh shit!” he exclaimed as he realized his clothes were missing.

“They took MY CLOTHES,” he said, remembering the discussion of the “boy’s costume” the girls had removed.  Jimmy was in shock, his pants had contained his keys both for school and home, as well as his car, and his billfold containing his school ID and driver’s license.  “What if they find my billfold?” he thought and before he could answer his own question, “They locked them up in the other room, How am I going to get home?  What am I going to WEAR?  How will I get in the house?  They’ve got my keys!”  The rapid fire realization of his situation was more than he could take and as his body shook with fear, tears began running down his trembling cheeks as his body shuttered.

Jimmy sat for quite a while before he decided that his only option was to wear SOMETHING from the costume room and make his way home (almost 5 miles) on foot.  He would then   to figure out a way to get into the house, change clothes, get his extra car keys, return and get his car; hopefully before his parents got home.  Looking around the room, 90% of the clothing was clearly unsuitable, either due to size or type.  Much of the costume clothing fell into the categories of “period” or was to depict medieval, oriental, 1950’s or other “non-street” clothing.  As he quickly went through rack after rack of clothing, not one pair of pants of any Type could be found, only dresses, skirts, blouses, gowns and “special” costumes.  It quickly became apparent that he would have to leave the school dressed as a girl!  Shortly thereafter, he found a school uniform which appeared to be from the private school about 2 miles down the road from his public high school.  It consisted of a white long sleeve cotton blouse with lace collar and cuffs and a green and black plaid jumper style skirt.  Jimmy had seen many girls from the private school wearing this outfit and knew what accessories he needed.

Digging through storage drawers he soon found a pair of white pantyhose, a black purse and a pair of black patent leather “mary-jane” style flats.  Stripping, he tried on the blouse and immediately took it back off when he discovered his nipples were visible through the thin cotton fabric, then searched some more drawers until he found a bra with small cups and a white camisole with matching half-slip. Jimmy had trouble hooking the bra behind him so he hooked it in front then turned it around and put his arms through the shoulder straps as he pulled it up his body.  To his surprise, the padded bra actually made it look as though he had breasts! Next came the camisole and slip followed by the pantyhose. Jimmy struggled for at least 20 minutes trying to get the pantyhose on and pulled so that the crotch was were it was supposed to be. Again he tried the white blouse and this time only the lines of normal girl’s underclothing was visible through the fabric.  Next came the jumper and last the shoes which felt very light compared to the weight of his normal boy’s shoes.

This time when he looked in the mirror, Jimmy saw a beautiful young school girl and other than a few touch-ups of makeup, knew that he could pass in public as a girl if he was careful and avoided people he knew. With the long wig and girl’s clothes, he looked more like his older sister than himself and thought he just might be able to get out of this alright. Retying the ribbon in his hair to form a ponytail, Jimmy then searched the cosmetic drawers until he found a light red lipstick to replace the pink and some rouge which he lightly applied to his cheeks to give them a soft rosy glow. He also found a couple of nail files which he dropped in the purse along with a handkerchief and the cosmetics he had used, thinking they might be useful in breaking into his parents house.  Moving to the door, he pressed his ear against it listening for any indication of someone in the hallway outside, hearing none, he took a deep breath, opened the door, turned off the light, and after closing the door dashed up the stairs and out the fire escape door behind the stage.  He was now outside, with No way to go back or change his mind.  He had to make it home!

Fortunately for him the emergency exit door let him out on a side of the building with no windows, and he immediately crossed the open grass to the area of the maintenance building.  Looking over the window ledge into the office of the maintenance building he could see that it was 1:30 p.m. so he had plenty of time to make it home and back before his parents got home at 6:00.  Staying below the windows, he moved along the building and then darted behind the parked school buses, crossing through some evergreens along the edge of the parking lot and onto the right-of-way for the railroad tracks which passed behind the school and headed towards the housing development where he lived.  Jimmy moved quickly along the tracks staying on the far side of the railroad grade so that he would not be visible from the school.  Soon he was at a point where he could no longer see the school building and slowed his pace as he continued to walk towards home, still 4 miles ahead.

The tracks curved away from the road on which his school was located and before long he entered a section where it was wooded on both sides of the tracks.  Jimmy almost skipped as he passed through this area, elated at his good luck in escaping the school undetected.  He was so happy, he didn’t notice his surroundings until suddenly a boy appeared on the tracks ahead of him only 20 feet away.  Jimmy stopped and noticed the boy was standing astride the center of the tracks with hands on hips, feet wide and a big grin on his face. From his dress, Jimmy knew he was a student at the private school and suddenly he began to feel very   about the smirking grin and penetrating look the boy was giving him.  He turned to run, but immediately stopped again, because as he wheeled around he was confronted by three more boys behind him!  All four boys were bigger than he was and he was surrounded.

“Well, well, what DO we have here,” said one of the boys. “Must be a new girl,” observed another, “I’ve never seen her before…kind of cute though!”  “Cute my ass, SHE’s  !” said a third who was the biggest of the lot, standing about 6- 5 and huge, well over 225 pounds.  “Hi… Hi guys,” Jimmy stuttered, “I, I see you skipped out of school too.” Jimmy offered with a grin, hoping humor might get him out of this situation. “What’s your name?” came the question from behind him, from the original boy who looked to be about 5-10 and slim built.  “Ji.., Jenny,” Jimmy replied as sweat suddenly formed on his forehead and his mouth became very dry.  “Jenny, uh, pretty name for a pretty girl, I’d say, by the way, my name’s Bob,” said the giant.  “That’s Joe, and he’s Eddie, and the guy behind you is Tom,” Bob said as he smiled down at Jimmy.  “We couldn’t take any more, so we decided to take the afternoon off,” Bob offered, “How about you?”  “I… I felt sick,” Jimmy said as his mind raced trying to think of something the boys would buy as a plausible excuse, “so… so they let me go home to … to rest,” he finished.  The boys were now tightly surrounding him and there was no possible escape without their consent Jimmy realized, so he hoped he could still talk his way out without them finding out he was a boy.  Because IF they found out, he knew he was DEAD

Suddenly Tom’s hand was on Jimmy’s shoulder from behind and Jimmy froze in panic.  The boys made small talk giving each other sideways glances and smirks which Jimmy   as pure SEX signals concerning their trapped quarry.  Meanwhile, Tom’s hand was stroking Jimmy’s shoulder and upper arm while Jimmy noted that Joe and Eddie had moved to either Side of him and Joe was pressing his crotch against the back of Jimmy’s left hand.  Joe was now towering in front of the frail 5-5 boy and looking down with a grin said, “Well now Jenny, we think we like you, but we would sure like you a lot more if you might help us out a little.”

“What… What do you mean?” Jimmy stammered, knowing exactly what they had in mind, but hoping he was wrong.  “You know, little cutie,” Bob said as he traced Jimmy’s jaw line with his fingertip, “we got to get a little sex every now and then or us boys go crazy.”  “But… But, I’m sick,” cried Jimmy hoping they still might let him go, “I… I’m having my period and I’ve, I’ve got real bad cramps,” he offered, praying they would buy it. To his shock, Jimmy felt Tom’s hand on his ass, massaging the cheeks like he was kneading dough or something and made mental note to make sure they stayed on the back side!  Without warning, Joe bent forward and kissed Jimmy on the lips forcing his tongue deep into Jimmy’s mouth as he held him by the shoulders.



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