The Machine Shop

June 9, 2017

For the intellectuals and the artistic, taking machine shop in school can be more challenging than it is worth and yet we still think it should be an easy class. My first day in class was nothing short of intimidating. I watched some of the dumbest guys in school already well versed in the tools and the projects they would be completing during the school year and the teacher was easily able to spot those of us who were obviously misinformed about the difficulty of the course.

“Now for some of you are looking at this course as an easy A.” the teacher explained, “You would be wrong, and to prove it, I am going to give you one project and this project will be 85% of your grade.”

When I thought about this I wondered if he was looking for a way to weed some of us out of the class.

He continued, “You will have the entire school year to complete your project. When finished you can submit it to me and if you pass you will not have to attend the remaining days of the class and I will provide you a pass to focus on your other classes.”

This sounded promising, but he had not yet lowered the boom.

“Some of you are not going to have any problem with this project and others will never get it past the idea stage.” he added, “and some of you are wondering why I am doing this.”

As a matter of fact, I am wondering that very thing. You are making this either too easy to accommodate the idiots in class or making it hard enough for us that we will transfer to another course.

“My reason is simple.” he said, “I am tired of having the head of the department come to me telling me that I am giving out assignments that cannot be completed in class. So, I am only going to give you one. You can use the resources of the class to fabricate and test your project or you can choose to use resources outside the classroom. Either way, you will submit a one page document explaining your project and how it was built and how it is to be used.”

Sounds like someone has had their hand slapped a time or two and is fed up with his job.

“So can you tell us what the project is that we need to complete?” I asked.

“Glad you asked,” he replied, “Your project will be to come up with an original idea of motorized tool that is portable, easy to transport, but when fully assembled must be twice it’s packaged size.”

“Is that it?” I asked thinking there were more guidelines that we were to follow.

“That’s it.” he confirmed, “but remember it must be an original idea it cannot be a current design of another motorized tool. You must complete the fabrication, testing, and packaging within the time given, there will be no extensions.”

When class was over, many of the students were already thinking of their project. I on the other hand didn’t have a clue. For weeks, I kept walking into class trying to think of ideas and was either coming up empty or coming up with something that was already designed and done before. As the Thanksgiving holidays approached, I figured I would use the time to really dig into the project.

My mom and sisters were planning to go visit other family members during the holiday. I on the other hand didn’t really want to go. They also thought being around any more women would have an even bigger effect on me. I suspected they thought I was either gay or just more feminine – I just hoped that hadn’t figured out I was stealing their clothes and toys. We agreed that the only male in the house for a week was not the best thing for me so I was allowed to stay home for the week instead.

The first three days were great. I was able to dress all day and night and never left the house. It gave me a chance to perfect my makeup, which I was getting very good at; and to try on new outfits I hadn’t had a chance to wear. On the fourth day, I decided to venture out, so I picked out a new blue dress I bought with matching 4 inch leather pumps, matched them up with a black bra and panty set along with black tights. My hair was longer and easier to style so with the help of my sister’s curling iron and a ton of hair spray I had a fantastic 80’s big hair look. After dolling up the face, I grabbed my purse and drove around town that evening.

While I was out traffic was pretty light with everyone leaving for the holidays. It was nice to get out and about en femme. I got to a point where I had just enough nerve to stop and pump gas and even walk into and hit the ATM machine. As the evening got later, I wanted to see if I could stop into one of my favorite stores where I was able to do some shopping. I just didn’t want to go in when it was crowded. So I parked outside and waited until about 15 minutes until closing and took another deep breath and charged right in.

The sales staff saw me come in to buy “gifts” in the past, but had never seen me come in dressed as a woman. When I walked in I had a long coat on that I bought at the store and tried to keep my head down as I looked around. Just then the unthinkable happened.

“I thought that was you.” the sales lady said, “How are you doing hun?”

I was stunned and didn’t know what to say.

“It’s okay sweetie, we won’t tell. I am so glad you stepped out and came to see us.” she said.

“I feel so embarrassed.” I replied.

“Don’t be sweetie, it takes a lot of courage to do what makes you happy.” she said, “We were about to close up, but take your time and let me know if you would like to try anything on.”

They were so great to me I couldn’t just leave without buying something, so I picked out a new top and headed for the register. The sales lady discounted it for me and threw in a nice pair of fishnet stockings that she thought would go nice with the dress I was wearing. She then walked me out and I begged her not to say anything to my mom or sister who were frequent shoppers at the store and she assured me that it would be our little secret. I hurried back home and sat on the couch and was finally able to relax after the exciting time I had out in public. I was so worked up and exhausted, I fell asleep right there on the couch.

The next morning I got up hard as a rock. I wandered into my room and forgot I had left my “toys” on the bed. I laid down next to them and started to rub myself through the tights. I then rolled over onto my knees and started to position myself for some back door fun. As I looked in the mirror and realized how awkward it look and felt to try and position myself, my original idea came to mind.

A motorized fucking machine. Now after some careful research I realized there were a lot of these types of machines already out there, but not like the one I was planning to make. The plan was simple, but how would my teacher react. I need to gauge this very carefully, so I decided to talk to him after the holiday. In the meantime, I got to work on it. Drawing out the details and learning more about motors than I thought I would ever learn. The rest of the week was spent gathering supplies and testing out different materials to see how I could handle the engine.

I started with a hand held electric saw and replaced the blade with a converted staff that would hold a small dildo, but that proved to be a failure since my ass was not ready for the speed or power of the motor, so I needed a motor that I could vary speeds with. I then needed a platform that would support a person’s weight, but that was not bulky and could easily be transported. After doing some research and trying out a few things, I found the answer was in wide strap cargo netting that had a larger opening in the center. Now I needed it to remain in place and not slide back as I did. I needed an anchor of some sort. This was the challenge, but I was able to come up with an idea that was perfect… an arm. I noticed I was using an arm to hold myself up so I simply attached a long arm that would run between my legs and would have an adjustable hook that could attach to a headboard or the mattress itself. If it was on the floor it could be anchored to anything heavy enough to withstand the force of the person’s movements.

Before the holiday weekend was done and just as my mom and sisters were arriving, I had finished the design and had it completely drawn out on paper. The challenge would be to get it made and more importantly will my teacher accept it? He did say an original idea…

After spending the next three months putting all of the pieces together, I needed to run it through an initial test. The only problem was I needed a private spot. Fortunately it was spring break and I was planning on going away for a few days anyway. I told my mom I was going with my buddies to Florida, but actually, I was going to be a lot closer. I got a hotel room on the other side of town and proceeded to enjoy the solitude. It also gave me the privacy to test out my machine.

I started by getting dolled up and preparing my ass for love later that evening. I lubed up a nice butt plug and carefully inserted it which began to excite me quickly. After adjusting and calming down a bit, I headed out for something to eat. I didn’t go far and never got out of the car, but I was getting more comfortable with being out in public. After picking up takeout, I returned to the hotel. I sat in my room and had dinner and watched a little TV. The bag with the machine was sitting on the bed just waiting to be unpacked.

So I wanted to make sure the information was complete so I times the process from unzipping the bag to full assembly, which took all of three minutes. I then turned the machine on and used the dial to adjust the speed from low to high and watched the mounted dildo move with the change in speed without becoming dislodged.   Now it was time to perform the final test.

I got up on the bed, reached behind me and removed the plug and lubed up some more. I then straddled the machine with one leg on each side, moving the controls directly under me. I then slowly moved back and without reaching for it, I turned on the machine. Maintaining a low speed, the dildo would gently press against my pussy, as I increased the speed the cock was pressing hard until the tip found its way inside me.

“Oh yeah,” I whispered.

I started to move back, resting my ass onto the cargo net support as the dildo penetrated me deeper. Once the machine was supporting all of my weight, I fell almost numb as I increased the speed.

“YES… OH GOD YES…” I said.

“UH… UH… UH… UH… FUCK… YES… FUCK ME… FUCK ME…” I shouted.

I continued to increase the speed until it was at it’s highest setting and moving faster than even I anticipated.

“AAAAEEEEEOOOOWWWWW… YYYYEEESSSSSS…” I shouted as the painful ecstasy became more intense.

I looked to the mirror that was hanging on the wall next to the bed and I could see that the machine was not only working perfectly, but the hollow design gave me the chance to watch as the long dildo plowed into me continuously and at the same time I was getting harder and harder before eventually exploding all over the bed. I slowly reduced the speed of the machine before powering it off – giving me time to adjust to the intense pleasure I just had.

Afterward, I realized I could adapt the machine for different positions which I was able to test during my time at the hotel. When I was finally done with the machine, I decided I wanted to keep it, but did still need to turn it in for a grade, so I decided to build a second one only I used different materials to make the machine lighter and more maneuverable. The original prototype would be what I turned in.

The deadline was the last day of school and since the project was unique and obviously inappropriate for a school setting, I decided to wait until then to turn it in. I brought it into class after school. The inconspicuous pink duffel bag was left on the shelf with the others. The zipper secured with the label tag and the report on its design and fabrication notes as well as its general usage.

A few weeks later, I received my transcript and a letter from the instructor. The letter read…

I am writing you this letter for two reasons. First that your project was graded based on the instructions you were given. Your idea – while not generally original, was original in its application and design. I appreciate the covertness of your submission and the effort you achieved.

It was a challenge to grade your project because your report indicated test that were performed that could not be easily proven. Fortunately, my wife was able to assist in this venture and proved all of your tests to be accurate and the machine to function as it was intended.

While I may not approve of your choice of this project idea, I was not specific enough to reject it. I also could not share the findings with other teachers or students, so any expected announcement or accolades you may be expecting as a result of the success of your project will not be forthcoming.

Let me just say that, your idea has had a lasting affect on my wife and me and I want to thank you for thinking outside the box.


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