High Rise Trap is set for a December Release!

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High Rise Trap is set for a December Release!

It took a little while and the stories took me in different directions, but the first six episodes of High Rise Trap are being released this month. I am super excited to tell this story of Dean Trask, A not so simple man who has even more complicated tastes. Keep an eye out for them on my Amazon page (http://amazon.com/author/mcquestgend) and pick up each short episode or pick up all six in a bundle.

Episode/ Book #1: GAMER
Struggling through life with a boring job and no social life, I took my friend’s advice and tried my luck at online dating and when I was about to give up after very little interest and even less patience, I saw an ad for a reality scavenger hunt game.  The game was not timed and the only way to win was to find your way to the top floor of the building. But in order to do that you needed clues that would advance you from one floor to the next… and they are not easy to find because those who are running the game can deceive and misdirect you at every turn.  The other challenge is… the distraction of other members throwing away their inhibitions to find clues of their own.

Episode/ Book #2: TEAMING UP
Frustrated by the new game and the secrecy of my new member friends, I got some help and made it to the next level of the game, but now the distractions made sense and explained why most members take their time playing the game.  I also learned that members are not supposed to get together outside the club. The penalty for that can be extreme.

Episode/ Book #3: CHEATER
Reaching the next level of the game was exciting to say the least, but this level was very mysterious and came with new rules.  It was a time to be patient and observant as I played the game, but I was running out of both when I was approached by someone willing to help.  However, the help wasn’t free and could jeopardize my membership and position in the game.

Episode/ Book #4: GAME PENALTY
The further you go in the game, the more challenging it becomes and cheaters are punished severely.  The only option is not to play, but once you are a member of the club, you can never just walk away and if you cheat, the penalties can humiliate and destroy you.

Episode/ Book #5: GAME GETS REAL
After my game penalty was assessed, I decided to take a break from the club and the game, but the ownership wasn’t willing to let me just walk away.  Instead they offered me a chance to take a unique role at the club, but when I refused, ownership decided to make sure the secrets of the club remained secret.  One of the long time members took care of me after my departure and I was beginning to learn that there was more to the club than just the game and I would soon have to make a choice that would determine my future and not just the future of the club.

Dean has been transformed into Deanne and is struggling to fit in to her current life and her current body.  After she loses her corporate job, she tries to find a new career – albeit a temporary one, but reluctantly, she is left with only one option and returns to the club.  During her days as Deanne she is educated on some of the more womanly things that she now has to face including being taken advantage of by a new friend – only he is the one who gets a surprise and will need Deanne’s help to survive.


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  1. XxXoOo says:

    Is there a way I can get all six? Will there be a printable copy?

  2. P says:

    I just finished these and they were lovely. The first book I could have done without but all of the others had me on the edge of my chair.

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