Impatient and Excited! New Releases before the end of 2019.

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Impatient and Excited! New Releases before the end of 2019.

With the holidays right around the corner, my longer pieces are just about ready for release. These are not like the short stories I put together. They take a little more time to build the right characters, settings and situations. Which also means they need more time to edit before I release them to the world for you to enjoy. In the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing these two fantastic independent stories.

Available November 1st on KindleUnlimited

It’s a Complicated Life (scheduled to be released November 1st) is a story about Toni who has worked hard to build a successful career. Her efforts and a little luck in the stock market have helped her acquire a nest egg that she can use to live out her golden years. Her youth and career success, however, have earned her a few enemies along the way; whose envy has turned to jealousy and put a large target on Toni’s back. It also doesn’t help Toni that she continues to carry with her a secret that she is desperately trying to keep hidden. When the target is hit, Toni is forced to resign and retreats home, only to learn her past has made her unwelcome. So, she moves away from the big city to a small town to start a new life. The locals are instantly curious about their newest citizen and make every effort to learn as much as possible, but Toni works hard to maintain a private life and still be a member of the community. During her transition to country living, she meets Andi. A strong woman who is well respected and intimidating around town, she helps Toni understand how things work in the small community. Toni learns quickly that a small town is no place to find privacy, but also learns that country living is not without some of the big city attractions… and dangers.

Available December 1st on KindleUnlimited

From Sissy to Sensational (scheduled to be released December 1st) is a story that took ME in a different direction and had me question the future of my writing. This story is about Jamie, a young closet crossdresser, just trying to make it through life without being bullied or hurt. While Jaime continues to try and break the bonds of his confusing prison,   his inexperience makes him weak and vulnerable to the strong and his confusion puts him in a difficult position when he is discovered, humiliated and eventually rejected by members of his family. Their disgust makes Jamie’s situation more humiliating as word is leaked to the university where Jamie is attending and he is faced with a difficult decision, but an opportunity to work off campus is presented to give Jamie a chance to continue his education and let the dust settle. In the process, Jamie learns more than he ever thought possible – about his employer, his family and friends and most of all himself. This story does include some explicit and graphic scenes, but not the typical scenes you have come to expect from me.

As always, keep your eyes on my Amazon Author Page for these two great stories and more that will be coming out this year.


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