It’s a Whole New FemWorld

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It’s a Whole New FemWorld

When I decided to write this story, I didn’t think it would grow as it has. It’s a Whole New FemWorld was written in light of difficult times we faced in our world today. The initial installment was a mixture of post-apocalyptic imagery and feminized fantasy. As one book turned to two, The Safe House was written during the same time period in a different part of what was the United States and was a darker tale with a surprise ending. In Reinor’s Revenge, the war continues and there is a new leader in the city of Manhattan, but she is not who she appears to be nor does she have the citizens best interests at heart… all she wants is revenge.

There are two additional stories that are being published in June and July. The first, I am really excited about as it is the first time I have collaborated with another author and I was so happy to do it with my good friend Sally Bend (@bibrary). She brought fantastic ideas to the FemWorld Universe and and A Quest for Balance was a nice evolution as the war continued to wage on. Sally brings an aggressive tone and darker imagery than I usually do in my stories and it was important that we showed that part of the war. In what I would call the final installment, Starting Over, the war has finally ended, but that doesn’t change the feelings of many of the combatants and for one former prisoner of war who was saved by a Canadian, Our main character is facing a journey that will see him face adversity and fear at every turn as he tries to return to his childhood home.

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It’s a Whole New FemWorld is a story about the distant future and a soldier whose ignorance and career are taking him nowhere. Protected by his commanding officer he is kept behind enemy lines – sheltered from what is happening at the front. When he disobeys orders and is eventually captured, he learns what happens to enemies of the state now under the control of women. He is quickly trained to serve female masters, but before he is auctioned off he is given the opportunity to use his new skills to complete a deadly mission that is ordered by the sadistic head of the secret police.

This story includes everything that is me… A little science fiction, a little post apocalyptic imagery and a lot of male to female fun with some serious undertones.

The Safe House moves the setting west. The war wages on and continues moving west as people are fleeing the cities in fear of being caught behind enemy lines, but Kevin Long is prepared with a cabin and supplies in the mountains near Stones Peak in Colorado. After picking up supplies for the winter, Denver is attacked and Kevin begins his trek up to the cabin where it’s safe. Along the way, he picks up Dana who is alone, cold, and walking along the highway. He decides to take Dana up to the cabin and keep her safe. After several weeks of bad weather, Dana realizes Kevin has a past he would rather forget and she tries to help. During their time together, they continue to gather supplies in bombed out Denver and whore infested Las Vegas, but Kevin doesn’t know that Dana also has a secret that will put him in a difficult position.

In Reinor’s Revenge, 20 years have passed, and the cities remain intact after Alex Cornell liberated many of the sissies and other prisoners of war. As a result, SissyTown became a safe haven as men recovered before venturing out to start new lives. As battle lines stabilized, city governments were continuing to evolve. In Manhattan, a young new extremist has been elected who promises to put an end to the rise in crime and make the streets safer for the community. but this new leader has secrets of her own as she is the offspring of the most notorious security agents on the island.

Reinor’s Revenge comes in the form of her daughter, Kendra who is more brutal and decides to make sure no man would ever rise against women again, by training them as her mother once did. This story brings back Alex Cornell who was once a prisoner of war who now leads SissyTown, but once he learns of Kendra’s plans, he takes it upon himself to try and negotiate a peace. A peace Kendra is not interested in as she looks for revenge against those who falsely imprisoned her mother.

Coming in June, A Quest for Balance is a wonderful collaboration of Sally Bend and myself. The war between the sexes has gone badly for men, especially those living outside the cities. Without the emotional balance and guiding hand of women, the rebel camps have become a dark, violent places where only the fittest survive and the meanest thrive.

A Quest for Balance is the story of two misfit soldiers – bullied, abused, and driven into the arms of the very women they’re supposed to be fighting against. In their training as submissive sissies they will find their purpose and friendship. Entrusted with a mission to retrieve evidence of a medical miracle, one that could rewrite everything we know about gender, they will discover that together they really can change the world . . . if only the women back home will let them.

Coming In July, Starting Over brings us to the end of the war, but not an end to the fighting.

The war was finally over and would now look a little different than before. Sissies were freed and city officials and wealthy women who employed these prisoners of war were tried for war crimes.

For Jessy a well cared for sissy who was more than just a little transformed was free to return home, but would her home welcome her back. She decided to find out and took a journey across the border through SissyTown on her way out to her family’s ranch in Washington state. Along the way she learned that she was still not accepted in certain areas of the country and tried to stay clear, but she did make a few new friends along the way. One that would protect her and another that was no friend at all.


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