Media Library

After some thought and a host of requests on how to use Siri or Cortana or one of those other voice apps that read books and other docs, I decided to create AudioBooks that are free to everyone who subscribes to my site.

Audio Books (Free Excerpts)

  • “The Experiment”
  • “Caught in No Man’s Land”
  • “The Halloween Party”
  • “Gifts for Me”
  • “My First Man Crush”
  • “The Back Room”
  • “My New Boss”
  • “Home for the Holidays”
  • “Country Living City Loving”
  • “Will Work for Food”
  • “Nurse Gina”
  • “Security Checkpoint”
  • “Vegas Surprise”

Other Videos

  • Advertising Video
  • A Gift from Julie (@80087u83)