Thank you for the support

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Thank you for the support

The month of August started with a bang. I wasn’t planning to release two novels this month, but scheduling a publishing date requires the cooperation of those who are helping with the promotion and distribution. So, they are both out now and YOU have spoken.

I have been trying to write stories that are not solely based on the erotic sex scenes. Not that I have stopped writing those, but I wanted to see if I could write stories that could stand on their own without being filled with sex and that can be a challenge when you are writing stories you hope that will sell and even more challenging when you write about topics in the LGBTQIA community.

I have to say though, the initial response to my latest releases have me excited about the future. The stories are very different, but deal with similar struggles. One is darker than the other and both involve some romance and yes, a sex scene or two, but that is not what these stories are really about.

Deeply Hidden Secrets is a psychological suspense novel that was inspired by a friend of mine who knows how to take characters in a story to a very dark place and put them in horrifying situations. This story is about Martin, who was a bullied only child who never fit in… not even with his family and was forced to runaway to try and build a better life; but hiding a secret is hard to do. It forces people to make choices and Martin makes choices that take him down a path of manipulation, humiliation, and murder.

Class Reunion is much lighter but also deals with difficult choices. This coming of age story deals with having to face the truth. A young man who must face the truth of who he really is, his family and friends having to face the same truth and find a way to accept him and his wish to be happy. Hanging on to the past is not always a good thing. Sometimes you need to leave the past alone or it will devour you. For Daria, the past is not that simple to let go of. She continues to hang on to hope that her family will finally accept her, but is afraid to face them; but opportunities come in the strangest of forms and a class reunion may be the opportunity to finally close the chapter of her past by reconciling with her family or by walking away… for good. The story also includes a somewhat vengeful side of Daria as she chooses to go to the reunion, but is she going to reminisce… or to get even? You”ll have to read the book to find out.

If you have a copy, I hope you enjoyed it. If you don’t, I hope you get the chance to read one or both of them. Thank you all for the continued support and don’t worry… My erotic side is not going anywhere. I have new “smut rags” coming very soon.


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