Welcome back. As you can see I have made a few changes and well I am excited about the future. While a few things have changed in my life, my excitement whenever I sit in front of the keyboard remains. One of the subtle changes is the direction my writing has taken me. My focus on transgender topics has been great for me personally and professionally, but I always thought there was a piece of me that was missing. Part of this was I felt I might be giving away too many secrets about myself, but on a recent trip and with the help of a few friends, I came to realize that I write fiction and its okay to add a few personal elements in to the characters that make up the stories.

I hadn’t written much in 2019 – actually that is not true. I have written a lot, but haven;t published much. That’s because I decided to go back and develop the stories more and add more of me into them. I am also adding new content that will be free to visitors of my site. I am taking a page from a dear friend who has been an honest critic of my writing, Sally Bend (http://sallybend.com). Sally does a lot with #TGCaptions and I thought I would do something similar, but with a little twist… I would like my readers to help tell the rest of the story. I think it is fun and exciting to help other imaginative people express themselves.

I hope you enjoy the changes I have made and check back often for the changes that are “cumming.”