New Book The Neighbor Down The Hall Available in Paperback and KindleUnlimited A second chance at a big promotion sends Kyle to London to oversee the companies expansion. While there he meets Nikki who is much more than she appears. The two develop a friendship that turns into even more as Nikki teaches Kyle how the “other half” really lives. As their relationship grows she teaches him how to trust, which is quickly put to t...

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I have been publishing work for a little over a year now and have found it very gratifying.  The draw to my work by readers could be better, but when you consider I only advertise on twitter and the web site, the interest is really more than I could have hoped.  It did however get me thinking about publishing and why we want to publish.   We publish for different reasons.  For some of us it is all about the money.  For others its about th...

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I am growing increasingly frustrated with Amazon right now.  So much so that I putout a feeler on social media to see where readers were getting their ebooks from (Kindle or iBooks).  The unanimous response was Amazon Kindle – which frustrated me even more because of the problems I was having. I recently got wind of something I was ignorant about and maybe I still am.  I friend from Canada reached out to me not too long ago informing me ...

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  New eBook: Witness Protection [Available on Amazon] Witness Protection is a unique crime story about Cris Taylor, who watched his best friend Trish brutally raped and murdered after discovering a plot by her employer to take over a competing tech firm. When identified as a material witness, Cris’ life was now in danger, but he quickly loses faith in the law and their ability to keep him safe until the trial. Out of fear and desperation,...

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  New Short Story The Company Policy [Available on Amazon Kindle] I was very happy with my current job, but always kept my options open when it came to my career.  When the perfect opportunity appeared, I was sold very early on and all set for a change of scenery.  Little did I know that the change in scenery would be much more than a new office and paint on the walls.        

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  New Short Story: Frat Sister? [Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited] Devin hadn’t seen his frat brother in five years.  When a reunion was planned, he was excited to see his old friend, but the excitement was turned to shock when his friend Mike was gone and replaced by Michelle.  How would Devin react?  How would Michelle break the news? And How would the two co-exist?    

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I started publishing my short stories and books a little over a year ago and while I have been very happy with the interest and feedback I have received, I have to admit the process is a pain in the ass sometimes.  What I should say is the process is fairly simple, but the waiting and the support is what can be frustrating. There are a lot of tools and other writers who have their own tips and tricks to self publishing – ALL HAVE  VALUE ...

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I recently read an blog post from another author Ann Michelle (see her post here) Where she discussed the concerns readers have about purchasing her erotic tales.  I have seen a similar situation and her options have fantastic merit.  The option of creating a “plain brown wrapper”  for her books could a great thing for the readers who don’t want to look like a freak when the mailman delivers them.  The challenge with this is ...

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Something I have been thinking about for some time was to share some of my “shorter” stories rather than sell them on Amazon.  Initially, I was hoping to put some of these into a graphic novel, but found it increasingly difficult to find the right artist.  So I am going to take a shot at this myself using some creative photo editing tools and some text to speech software to create audiobooks that I hope will enhance the stories. Al...

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When I picked up the pen and started writing, I was thrilled at the amount of feedback I was receiving.  At the time, I wasn’t even looking for it.  Now that I have several stories and books out, I expected to see more reviews.  I still receive support on social media with the likes, retweets and shares, and yeah I still get some of the sickos who want me to help them play out their  fantasies, but I noticed most recently that while I ge...

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Getting Even
My Short Stories / December 7, 2016

New Short Story: Getting Even Karen and George have been happily married for a few years. When a mutual friend, jealous of their relationship suggests there is something a foot. Quickly dismissed by Karen, but when she discovers her husband’s secret, her humiliation is replaced with thoughts of revenge as she decides to turn the tables on her husband.

Security Checkpoint
My Short Stories / August 16, 2016

New Short Story: Security Checkpoint A group of friends is planning a spring break vacation down in Florida, but one member of the group has a very special reason why she can’t fly. The group’s insensitive attitude about her supposed fear results in a discovery that could shatter their bond.

Vegas Surprise
My Short Stories / August 16, 2016

New Short Story: Vegas Surprise What stays in Vegas… brings us back. A couple plans to have a pre-wedding party but the bride-to-be has a surprise in store for the groom.

Nurse Gina
My Short Stories / August 10, 2016

New Short Story: Nurse Gina After being mugged in the park, Michael is nursed back to health by a young woman who has more secrets that she cares to share. The two develop a bond that will be put to the test when secrets are revealed.

Will Work For Food
My Short Stories / August 8, 2016

New Short Story: Will Work For Food After losing his job, Jerry must go to drastic measures to maintain his lifestyle. In a stroke of luck, he finds opportunities that are filled with passion and danger and could take his life in directions he could never imagine.

Country Living City Loving
My Short Stories / July 23, 2016

New Short Story: Country Living City Loving People think living in the country provides a peaceful and private environment. Think again. The men are strong and the women stronger. After inheriting some land out in the country, a city boy learns that country folks are stronger and softer than they appear.

Home for the Holidays
My Short Stories / July 22, 2016

New Short Story: Home for the Holidays Coming home for the holidays is never easy… the gifts can sometimes surprise you. After a long time away, a family is reunited, but someone appears to be missing and has replaced with someone new.

My New Boss
My Short Stories / July 19, 2016

New Short Story: My New Boss After being passed over for a promotion, an experienced IT expert gets a new education in what it is like to take orders.