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Paperback Updates

I am really excited at the interest readers have had to my stories and books.  I was even more blown away that one of my fans was interested in getting signed copies.  A little strange for an erotic writer, but more of a welcome surprise.  With the help of a few fellow writers, I was able to republish the books on Amazon and they are available in paperback.


Current Titles available are:

  • The Messy Truth
  • The Nightmare Vacation
  • VR-Nica
  • ShapeShifter
  • ShapeShifter – A New Journey
  • The Assistant

4 Responses

  1. BeckiTV says:

    I really appreciate the effort. I read your first book and fell in love with the story even though it was sad. Your stories since I can’t put down. You tell a story that implies the sex without always saying it. Thank you for printing your books they will be a welcome edition to my book case.

  2. BeckiTV says:

    I want copies too. How do I get them?

  3. Derek says:

    Just ordered ShapeShifter today on paperback! Can’t wait to read it! However, it seems that the sequel to this book “ShapeShifter – A New Journey” is unavailable in Paperback on Amazon, and I live in Canada which means I can’t purchase from Kindle either. Is there another way for me to get this book? Thanks!

    • My apologies, The sequel to the book will be out in paperback in a few days. Amazon had a delay in the publishing approvals this weekend. If you would like I will be happy to email you when it is available. Thanks for the support and purchase of ShapeShifter. Hope you like it. MCQ

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