#BookReview: Secret Sissy Game by Crystal Summers

Romance Author

#BookReview: Secret Sissy Game by Crystal Summers

Crystal took me back in time a bit with this one. Her story introduces us to Candy and her roommate. Allbeit friends, Candy’s roommate has a secret obsession and Candy is the perfect target… well at least her wardrobe is. This CD’s thrilling fear of being caught would eventually be his undoing as it became a reality and Candy taught him a lesson. Candy allows her crossdressing roommate to enjoy his private time while he continues to take risks until she has him right where she wants him… dressed and locked out. In his vulnerability Candy, humiliates and emasculates him – giving him exactly what “SHE” wants.

I loved it… The beginning took me back to my younger days sneaking around the house all alone before my mother came home, but the conflict in the story was a reminder of the fear I had of being caught and the pure excitement of the same discovery.


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