#BookReview: Sissified Husband by Crystal Summers

Romance Author

#BookReview: Sissified Husband by Crystal Summers

Crystal always find the right spot to scratch when it comes to my urges. This wonderful story about Sam who grows increasingly curious and frustrated about his wife’s job. He thought after they were married, she could open up to him about exactly what she did for a living, but she continued to keep it a secret and mystery. When Sam was no longer willing to take no for an answer and began to suspect another man, he ventured out to find the truth… but the truth he found was not what he expected and now gets to see another side of his wife; a side that will take their relationship in a completely different direction.

The beginning of the story seemed unbelievable. If she had been a girlfriend and not his wife, I think I could have believed it, but as I continued to read the story, I lost track of the relationship and focused more on her job, which is what I was hoping for.


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