sshhh… I Buy Erotica

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sshhh… I Buy Erotica

I recently read an blog post from another author Ann Michelle (see her post here) Where she discussed the concerns readers have about purchasing her erotic tales.  I have seen a similar situation and her options have fantastic merit.  The option of creating a “plain brown wrapper”  for her books could a great thing for the readers who don’t want to look like a freak when the mailman delivers them.  The challenge with this is creating the “fake front” as she described.  That is a lot of work and it is important to remember that we do take pride in our passions.  Sometimes adding useless pages to reach the story you really wanted to read could discourage a reader.

The “Separate Amazon Account” is a much better option.  The only people who are aware of your true identity are the folks at Amazon.  I write under a pen name and do this for my authoring of my work and While I am not worried about items I purchase, I am always concerned about maintaining my privacy.

Now one that she left out, which is something I have begun doing after a recent request for of all things autographed copies of the printed books is to use PayPal or another service to handle payment transfers.  I have a contact page on my web site that can be used for feedback or to inquire about purchasing books.  Rather than create new copies with an inconspicuous title and useless pages of what the reader doesn’t want, I have secured copies of the eBooks that I can email directly to the reader.  When they want printed copies, I can send out copies from my personal inventory that I secured for book signings I did in Europe and for the autograph seeker.

Remember that We love having our work enjoyed and understand the struggles of obtaining it, but ultimately the only way to get it to you – is for you to tell us you want it.  IF you have concerns tell us and for some of us we can make reasonable arrangements.




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  1. Shelly says:

    I just started reading your stories after a friend recommended you and I have to say I have really enjoyed them. The “shorties” are a wonderful diversion when I break for lunch and I just finished Nightmare Vacation which was fantastic. I love to read but sometimes the stories are predictable. Yours are not. I love reading erotic stories that get me hot and bothered, but you give me even more. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. BeckiTV says:

    I mentioned this in a comment I sent earlier before I saw this post. I think your writing is much more than just a bunch of sex scenes. I think if the erotica label was removed you might see more feedback. I do agree with this blog post. purchasing ‘smu t is hard for people to do especially when the stories are unusual. the more freaky the hard they are to sell sometimes.

    • Shelly says:

      I would agree. I like her stories too and if not for the erotica tag, I would probably leave more comments on Amazon.

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