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#BookReview: Sissy Vacation Exposure by Bobbi Mare

For many of us who teeter on both sides of the fence, but want to appear on the straight and narrow, this story is one you can all relate to. An organized husband with an itch that must be scratched. An itch that can become overwhelming when there is any deviation in the normal routine.…
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#FreeSmut: The Halloween Party

Copyright 2017 My girlfriend Lena and I were always into crazy, wild and spontaneous things. Always trying to one-up each other, we would create elaborate practical jokes on each other and always have a good laugh about it. It has been one of the strengths of our relationship… but sometimes the joke can go too…
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#FreeSmut: My First Man Crush

Copyright 2017 My wife and I recently split up and it was a very hostile situation.  She was very bitter about just about everything.  Our lack of money, our lack of sex, and we both had basically had enough.  It didn’t help that some of her clothes would go missing.  I couldn’t help it –…
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#FreeSmut: Nurse Gina

Copyright 2016 My daily life has always been one of routine. I get up every morning, go to work, eat at the same restaurant for lunch, go home, order take out from the same place and relax in front of the television until I fall asleep; then go through it all again the next day.…
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