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A New Book and a New Outlook

This was a rough 2017 for me.  I dealt with a number of issues – Family issues, career issues and like most of us money issues, but the hardest part of 2017 was taking a stroll down memory lane.  With more time on my hands than I would care to admit, I began cleaning out some old boxes and stumbled across a couple of journals I thought I had lost.  Some of you may remember my first book (Am I Still the Victim) that I eventually removed from publication.  That first book was based on my journals from years ago.  These recently discovered journals took me back to an even darker place than I thought possible.

If only for a moment I remembered a time when I was always scared and vulnerable.  It didn’t take long to come back to reality, but the reminiscing was emotional, to say the least, but it also inspired me to sit in front of the keyboard once again.

My latest book, which is going to be part of a series is VERY loosely based on the experiences I wrote about in my journals.  Due out in 2018, I wanted to share an excerpt from the Prologue.  I hope you find it entertaining, educational and inspiring.


Response to a Fan – Why do you write these stories?

I had a reader reach out to me recently and to protect the “innocent”, I am keeping her identity secret.  She asked me why I write stories about the transgendered community… in fact, her exact words were “Why do you write about crossdressing fags?”

I have never been shy about wanting feedback, good or bad, but this one struck a nerve.  For those who have read my work, I am more than just an erotica writer.  My decision to write about the transgendered community is a personal one, but not completely private.  My interest in writing about transgendered individuals is because of my introduction and experiences in the lifestyle.  While not my choice, I accepted my circumstances and made my confusing experiences a part of my everyday life.

I draw from my experiences when I write.  Sometimes they are pure sexual fantasy, but many times, they are memories that inspire me to tell a greater story.  As much as we don’t like labels, the world has accepted them for the most part, but a label, unfortunately, is not just a word. Some labels breed emotions that we would rather not see or hear about.  It was clear this reader was not a fan – of me or the community, but the label she used breeds a sense of disgust and hatred and for some of us in the LGBTQ community – especially those who are confused and still searching for their identity – it forces us deeper into secrecy and adds to the depression.

When other communities are attacked as we have seen recently – with those of different skin colors or different religious beliefs – there are political statements made – some more extreme than others, but our community is equally at risk but does not receive the attention it deserves – even when the political statements are made.  Mainly because some in the community would rather their lives remain private.  The real reason why is confusing, to say the least, but centered around society’s opinions… “it is not normal”… “they are all gay”… “it goes against religion”… or “it is psychological and can be cured like any disease”.  These and other reasons are thrown around all the time… and to this day, I still have yet to hear the real reason society is against the community… by the way it is the same reason society has attacked other communities… “FEAR.”

The fear that those of a certain skin color are assumed guilty of a crime or that those who have specific religious beliefs are assumed to be terrorists is just WRONG.  For the LGBT community, the fear is even more confusing… fear of sex in the streets, or the possibility of spreading infectious diseases or worse that there will be a recruitment or mass conversion of heterosexuals to become homosexuals.  This is not what the community is about.

So to the reader who had the courage to reach out to me – thanks for your feedback, but I think you are misguided and may need to be better educated about the community.  Why do I write about “Crossdressing Fags” as you put it?  Because I am a crossdressing bi-sexual who loves to tell stories about what I have seen, heard and felt.  I write to entertain and I can;t please everyone, but if I can entertain just one, then that is enough for me.