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#BookReview: My Lesbian College Love by Daniel R. Lovejoy

This piece had solid storytelling filled with emotion. This is because the author has developed her characters with everything we want in a kinky love story. When we think of college settings, we often see a lot more impatience usually resulting in very little characterization and even less of a plot. Stories often are told…
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#BookReview: Naughty Swapped by Daniela R. Lovejoy

James’s story starts out like many young men in college just trying to find their way and break out of the fantasy into the real world.  Many like James can’t seem to find the balance without becoming frustrated, depressed, and impatient and it is his impatience that will change his life forever.  I related to…
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#BookReview: Sold to the Shemales by Bobbi Mare

I am often critical but encouraging when I come across new writers. Bobbi has a few pieces out that date back to last year and from the pieces I have read so far, she is wonderful storyteller. She builds on a character and fills the gaps with great details of the scene and feelings of…
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#BookReview: Zipped in by Daniela R. Lovejoy

What drew me to the story was not just the erotic scenes but the mystery about the club.  An exclusive women’s club that is operated by men almost sounds like a hypocritical fantasy that men live all the time with strip clubs, but as I read the story, I became entranced by the secrecy.  As…
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#BookReview of Futanari Moans and the Mummy Hand (Job) by Sally Bend

Sally is the one that turned me to providing book reviews so it was important that I give at least one of her work.  I started with this one so I could move to her latest book. The IQ of this writer is obvious in the story.  Sally brings aspects of true science into a…
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