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The Fear and Anticipation of that first Outing

This holiday season, I am reminded of the emotional roller coaster we all go through. The anticipation and excitement are also combined with levels of fear and depression… and for those of use who are “different,” the fear and depression are overwhelming. I found my earlier days filled with isolated joy because I made it…
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Special Holiday Treats!

In the spirit of giving, I am giving away some of my short stories.  Two are set during the holidays and sure to get you hot and bothered.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Excited about the latest book in the MCQ Library

Hacking the Human Condition (Scheduled Release October 2018) #Transgender #Erotica #Suspense #Romance #Hypnosis Super psyched about my latest book!  It started with a lot of sissification and femdom, but as the story started to take shape, I realized those aspects were for a different group of characters.  I replaced it with a little more suspense…
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