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#BookReview: Snow Globes and Candy Canes by Sally Bend

Once again, Sally has given us a gift and it is the perfect holiday gift this season. The plot of this short story revolves around a couple who returned home from a holiday party and decide to give each other early Christmas gifts. The characters of this story initially had me assuming Nick was in…
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#BookReview: Vintage Tanya Tales by Sally Bend

Knowing the author and understanding these stories originated from a different lifetime, I really found these stories to have some great substance and a fantastic build up to a worth while climax. These stories had everything… intrigue, romance, mystery, fantasy and even a conflict or two. You can’t go wrong with this nice group of…
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#BookReview of Futanari Moans and the Mummy Hand (Job) by Sally Bend

Sally is the one that turned me to providing book reviews so it was important that I give at least one of her work.  I started with this one so I could move to her latest book. The IQ of this writer is obvious in the story.  Sally brings aspects of true science into a…
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