Cumming Soon… PROJECT: IRIS

It’s been a while since I have released a new story, but it doesn’t mean I have not been writing. I have actually written a few new stories, but after another recent trip to Europe, I wanted to write something that was just a little bit different.

Those who know me well know, know I am more than just a “pretty face.” While MCQ lives a very private secluded life, my other half lives a very professional one in the world of technology. I love everything technology and have been a geek for many years. So, I decided to revisit that side in my writing.

Initially, I thought about writing a follow-up to my book VR-Nica, but as I began putting the story line together, it became more of a rehash of the first story. So, I took it in another direction with PROJECT: IRIS.

PROJECT: IRIS tells the story of Andrew Rogers. A computer programmer living in Japan and working for a technology firm. Andrew leads what most would be a boring life, but he doesn’t think so. He enjoys the routine and quiet solitude of his apartment. Andrew doesn’t date much but has a friend in Kelly – an America who relocated with her boyfriend. Kelly looks at Andrew like a little brother but Andrew would like something more.

What he discovers in his attempt to control IRIS, is the firm already has a plan for IRIS and introduces her to a prototype computer system that can enter living cells. As he tries to stop the introduction, IRIS enters Andrew and turns his life upside down. He and IRIS learn more about each other and how dangerous IRIS can be.

As Andrew begins to teach IRIS, she becomes very interested in human sexuality and interaction. Andrew is not qualified as a psychiatrist, but does the best he can to help IRIS, but she decides to do her own research and takes Andrew along for the wild ride. Andrew is now experiencing things he had never considered or dreamed, but his fulfilled fantasies come at a severe cost.

This one is not exactly like my other pieces – filled with a lot of sex scenes, but it does get steamy in this 17K word short story. The initial pre-release reviews are very promising and suggest that the tales of Andrew and IRIS continue. Who knows? IT might just happen.

Want to know more, stay tuned as PROJECT: IRIS is scheduled for release very soon on Amazon.