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Romance Author

Twin Turnaround

This short read tugged at me for a while and as I reviewed my journal of thoughts and ideas it seemed to call out to me. This short read is about inseperable twins Manny and Emily. As twins often do, they did everything together and in the process Manny developed a softer side and became…
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The Temp Job

Out of the Pandemic has come solitude, inspiration and motivation as I found the drive to get behind the keyboard and continue to write. During this difficult time, I have written a number of short stories and a novellas that curled my toes and scared the hell out of me. One of my more recent…
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My Perfect Partner: David and Tina

This story is about David.  A simple hardworking guy who has two of the greatest and heart wrenching relationships of a lifetime.  Growing up a straight meat and potatoes kinda guy, he meets April who loves a good meal but has a hunger that David tries desperately to satisfy.  As their relationship grows, so do…
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Making room for the new by removing the old

As many of you know, I decided to take a break in 2020 to focus on my bill paying career and I am happy to say things are going really well. So well in fact that my time away from writing might not be as long as I once thought. Make no mistake… I never…
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