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#FreeSmut: Home for the Holidays

Copyright 2016 The holiday season is always looked upon as a happy time filled with family and friends. I haven’t seen my family in years. In fact, I haven’t really seen anyone in a very long time. I left home when I was seventeen. Kinda had to. Not just because I was headed off to…
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#FreeSmut: Nurse Gina

Copyright 2016 My daily life has always been one of routine. I get up every morning, go to work, eat at the same restaurant for lunch, go home, order take out from the same place and relax in front of the television until I fall asleep; then go through it all again the next day.…
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#FreeSmut: My New Boss

Copyright 2016 I got up earlier than normal this morning. Today was a big day for me, and a day I had been waiting for the last three months. You see, today is the day the announcement is made of the new Director of Information Technology. I have been the supposed front-runner since the position…
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