Moving to traditional fiction is not easy.

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Moving to traditional fiction is not easy.

I have toyed with the idea of writing a more traditional fiction novel. Maybe something with a little more suspense and a little less sexual content. For many of my friends who have read and reviewed my stories, they have commented that I wasn’t that far off to begin with as most of my stories – even the short stories have enough of a plot to make the story interesting and not just a display of graphic sexual scenes; and this is not my first attempt at writing a more traditional piece, one that could be enjoyed by all, but I always seem to come back to elements that make me smile and that add to the main purpose of my writing – subject matter that I can relate to.

The challenge has always been how do I keep from making the story dull or more of the same types of subjects I write about? My interests have always revolved around transgender characters who play a prominent role in the story. Because of my closeness to the characters, they tend to take on some of my own personal experiences and I do my best to exaggerate them enough to make the characters unique and interesting. The difficulty I saw was there wasn’t anything that made the character exciting – without a sexual component. My first couple of attempts were rough sledding and took more time than normal for me. My first short novels focused so much on the male to female transformation process and the fetish that came along with it that the stories could never move on after the romantic encounter and just became longer pornographic stories that were not relatable and far from believable.

Writing The Nightmare Vacation and The Messy Truth helped me get closer to where I wanted to be, but they were written during a very difficult time for me where anger and confusion dominated my existence. The calming influence and encouragement I received from a fellow writer helped me build a wonderful story in My Perfect Partner which sold well and received some pretty good reviews, but still focused so much on transgender imagery that I missed the point of writing the story. However, the recent pandemic gave me time to focus on a story I started last year that I thought I would never finish and probably never publish. What I learned from writing it is that I can never get away from the topics that move me, but that doesn’t mean I can only write about kinky romance and lovemaking. I can draw on some very dark and horrific elements that push the moral and ethical boundaries and take the reader on a haunting good time.

This new story is very dark with a number of twists throughout. Focused on a bullied young man searching for purpose and direction. Growing up in a single parent home with very little knowledge or guidance, our “hero” chooses to learn about how the world works on his own; relying on his own experiences and his fantasies during his journey.

Deeply Hidden Secrets
Release Date Summer 2020

His biggest challenge is hiding what he believes is a dark secret. One that he tries to move past but cannot seem to break away as it is a part of him and the one thing that he believes helps him maintain his sanity. During his journey to the west he comes to meet a number of people. Making new friends and building relationships, but they are short lived because clues about his secret begin to surface. As he moves on he finds some light “in” the tunnel when he meets Kristy who comes into the diner where our “hero” Martin works. Kristy takes pity on Martin as she notices some of the patrons poking fun at Martin because of his more feminine mannerisms. Kristy offers Martin the chance to make more money working for her and at the same time, allowing Martin to get away from the bullying that continues to plague him.

Kristy’s offer does, however, come with strings attached and Martin is now learning more than he expected and exploring more about himself and why his secret is so difficult to hide. Martin’s new experiences has brought him to a new place in his journey. A place where purpose is not as important as acceptance which he now sees from Kristy and a new friend Aria.

While Kristy plays the role of teacher, Aria is trying hard to play the role of protector. Aria knows Kristy and tries to warn Martin, but Martin is unwilling to head Aria’s warnings because he is blinded by the acceptance he has received from his friendship with Kristy, but after Kristy shows her true colors, Martin realizes that Aria was right, but he is in no position to break away from Kristy.

The story takes a dark turn for the worse when Martin learns about Kristy’s plot to kill Martin. The mystery begins to unfold after Martin is rescued by Aria, but not after a lot of the damage had already been done. While Martin recovers, Aria began searching through records that Kristy kept of her other victims and Martin learns that Aria was one of Kristy’s victims, or so it would seem. Martin eventually learns the “real” truth about Kristy and Aria and faces the ultimate choice.

Martin tries to live on even in his damaged state and comes to grips with his reality. He moves away to start over and finds the ideal spot in Las Vegas where acceptance is not an issue and making a living can be performed creatively. As he settles in he begins the process of repairing the damage Kristy caused and in time chooses to return to where his roller coaster life began.

While this new novel included some romantic scenes, the focus of this book centers around the darker experiences Martin has to face and the choices he is forced to make. Far from an erotic fantasy, this new book is one that lovers of serial killer and manipulative characters can enjoy. Look for it in 2020.


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