Understanding Steve

October 7, 2017


Understanding Steve
[Available in Paperback and KindleUnlimited on November 1st]

This is the sad tale of true love and coping with the confusion of gender identity and sexual preference.

The death of someone close throws Chris’ life into a tailspin of confusion and depression.  Feeling alone, he finds comfort in mutual friends, Henry and Laney, who try to help, only to lead Chris on a new journey that he is not really prepared for.  Chris and his friends build enough trust in each other and together they help him cope with his loss and more importantly get him past the confusion by teaching him how his late friend lived his life.


This is not a typical erotic story, nor is it a romance novel.  This is a serious story that deals with the search for hope and the consequences if hope is lost.

There are passages that are more explicit than others that center around transgendered and homosexual situations.


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  • Julie October 8, 2017 at 8:26 am

    Just finished my paperback copy. Thank you “Q” for the “gift” and for taking the time to visit me last month. Travel home safe and hope we can visit again real soon. xxx ooo

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