A New Book and a New Outlook

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A New Book and a New Outlook

This was a rough 2017 for me.  I dealt with a number of issues – Family issues, career issues and like most of us money issues, but the hardest part of 2017 was taking a stroll down memory lane.  With more time on my hands than I would care to admit, I began cleaning out some old boxes and stumbled across a couple of journals I thought I had lost.  Some of you may remember my first book (Am I Still the Victim) that I eventually removed from publication.  That first book was based on my journals from years ago.  These recently discovered journals took me back to an even darker place than I thought possible.

If only for a moment I remembered a time when I was always scared and vulnerable.  It didn’t take long to come back to reality, but the reminiscing was emotional, to say the least, but it also inspired me to sit in front of the keyboard once again.

My latest book, which is going to be part of a series is VERY loosely based on the experiences I wrote about in my journals.  Due out in 2018, I wanted to share an excerpt from the Prologue.  I hope you find it entertaining, educational and inspiring.



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  1. Julie says:

    I don’t know if it was the depressing holidays or the book itself, but this one brought out a lot of emotion. I know you better than most and this one had a lot of YOU in it. A character that has gone through a lot and is justified in the anger and vengeance she seeks. If you are looking for a book with sex in every chapter, this one is not for you, but the sexy parts are part of the build-up to the next scene as they should be and there are some valuable lessons in the book if you are paying attention.

    Loved it can’t wait to see the next book in the series.

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