#BookReview: Cat’s Tale: The First Lesson by Aleson Alexander

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#BookReview: Cat’s Tale: The First Lesson by Aleson Alexander

Fantastically detailed and much more than I bargained for.

Aleson (https://alesonalexander.com and @alesonalexander) does a fantastic job of building her characters in this story. Jason, a young man taking a risk to satisfy his curiosity; I expected to be apprehensive and shy, but I got instead a determined young man driven by that curiosity. When he meets Cat, my expectations of their upcoming encounter led me to believe there would be some rough sledding in bed, but instead I got much more. Cat’s strong external personality covers up her warm heart and patience during their time together and instead of seeing Cat as someone a bit sinister or villainous, she turned out to be a “hero” to Jason and the title of “The First Lesson” does not do this story justice as Jason learns more than he every bargained for.

Jason reminds me of those early days of sexual exploration while Cat’s introduction at the beginning strikes me as an intimidating force of nature who should only be approached strategically. Her attitude of directness and extreme confidence comes across as someone who should be feared and avoided. These two coming together didn’t strike me as realistic at first. A curious Jason asking a strong willed and silently opinionated Cat for a night of ecstasy just didn’t jive initially, but in private, the truth about the characters really took shape and made the story that much more believable for me. This read requires some patience and focus just as each character in the book portrays. If you catch the subtle romantic ties through the lovemaking, it will be that much more enjoyable.

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