#BookReview: Inside Job by Sally Bend

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#BookReview: Inside Job by Sally Bend

Think your life is standing still or worse going backward? How would it be if you looked at yourself in the mirror or walked in someone else’s shoes? The This story by Sally Bend (http://sallybend.com & @bibrary) will have you examine your life and hopefully help you realize there is always something that you can do differently.

“Inside Job” delves into the world of sexual exploration and body swapping but not in the most loving way. An ongoing family squabble has an unforeseen result as two people have their lives turned upside down. One is eager to relive a younger life while the other is now faced with living in the body of a lazy, broken down woman. What they realize is that you can’t change your stripes and the outer shell is what you make it. It was a nice story but the characters’ relationship was a little too much for me. Definitely not what I expected.

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