#BookReview: My Lesbian College Love by Daniel R. Lovejoy

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#BookReview: My Lesbian College Love by Daniel R. Lovejoy

This piece had solid storytelling filled with emotion. This is because the author has developed her characters with everything we want in a kinky love story. When we think of college settings, we often see a lot more impatience usually resulting in very little characterization and even less of a plot. Stories often are told on the way to the bedroom and that’s when a story takes on a different role… porn. That is NOT what Daniela has done in this story. This gender swap fantasy lends itself to the word fantasy. It includes the impatience of a young man’s infatuation of a woman and the woman’s ability to teach a lesson through the often-described mystical powers women have over men… in this case much more magical, but the point is made. Without giving away the story, the main character learns the important lesson that romance is something that is more than a romp in the hay and love can be a scary thing, but is also something worth waiting for… and worth working hard for.

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More about My Lesbian College Love:

Tom has begun his sophomore year at college, but when his friend brings him to a frat party on a school night, he never expects to meet two girls, that in vastly different ways will change his entire life.

One an auburn-haired beauty who vanish before Tom even learns the name of his newly found dream girl. The other a mysteriously looking girl who offers him a chance to meet her again and test if she’s his true love.

Little does he know that accepting her offer will rapidly turn him into a stunning looking female…

More about the Author:

Daniela R. Lovejoy is an inventive writer of different erotic romance themed gender swap titles. She is living near beautiful nature in the Northwest with both forest and coast within walking distance, and have written stories ever since her teenage years. But ever since the adult years, she has had a sweet spot for creating gender swap and transformation stories, mixing the erotic and romantic in equal shares while adding various sci-fi, paranormal, and fantasy elements. Now sharing her hot stories with the world, she hopes to entertain her readers and maybe scratch an itch. Check out her ever-growing catalog of titles.


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