#BookReview: Sold to the Shemales by Bobbi Mare

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#BookReview: Sold to the Shemales by Bobbi Mare

I am often critical but encouraging when I come across new writers. Bobbi has a few pieces out that date back to last year and from the pieces I have read so far, she is wonderful storyteller. She builds on a character and fills the gaps with great details of the scene and feelings of the characters. The main character of this story is in need of maturity and the impatience is a lesson he would soon learn after he goes a bit to far in his desire to lose his virginity. His concerns about the unwanted or undesirable were clouded after he learns about the winning bid. His thoughts go from excitement to increasing terror as he meets with the winners who are more interested in satisfying their own pleasures than to give Bradley what he was auctioning off.

The story does move a bit fast, and a side story and maybe the introduction of another character might have added some depth to the entire story, but I found it interesting and very erotic. A perfect start to the pandemic lock down activities.

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More about Sold to the Shemales

Bradley Chalmers is a nineteen-year-old university student. He’s adorably shy, a little self-conscious, and a total virgin. He’s also broke and alone, in danger of not being able to finish his final year of schooling, so he decides to auction his virginity to the highest bidder. He thought being bought by some hairy bear of a man was all he needed to worry about, but then the auction took a bizarre twist, heaping emasculation on top of embarrassment, until he fears nobody will want him. Ever.

When two stunningly beautiful black women are revealed as the winning bidders – one pleasantly plump, with curves in all the right places, the other tall and thin, with respectable little breasts – he figures he’s won the lottery. They have a secret, though, and the virginity they’re interested in taking is not at all what he thought was up for bid.

More about Bobbi Mare

Author of nasty, naughty, trashy, taboo erotica.

As a mature sissy who grew up with the Nexus, Beeline, and Reluctant Press paperbacks, and who matured through Transformation, Forced Womanhood, and the Visions of Fantasy She-Male magazines, I have a lifelong love of erotic transgender and fetish fiction.

Submissive sissies in pretty outfits and erotic bondage is my signature theme, but within my fiction you can also expect to themes of find forced feminization, breast growth and breastfeeding, oral and anal penetration, chastity and castration, butt plugs and pegging, stunning shemales and fabulous futanari, big black stallions (both literally and figuratively), pony boys and pony girls, massive cocks with huge loads, and other deviant delights.


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