#BookReview: The Price of the Purloined Panties by Sally Bend

Romance Author

#BookReview: The Price of the Purloined Panties by Sally Bend

Looking to live out the dream in a calm and soothing way. This story will make you feel you are wrapped in a warm blanket. Sally (http://sallybend.com & @bibrary) found a way to let the reader explore and experience a transformation that was not only a desire, but necessity.

“The Price of the Purloined Panties” was a great story about sexual exploration and curiosity. Guided by a wonderfully developed character who just happens to be futa, a young crossdresser is given the opportunity to fulfill the lifelong dream of seeing how the other half lives, but in order to do so, he must give into his more mature and futa neighbor. The guidance is well written and the transformation is written even better. The reader is instantly transported and you live the story through a different set of eyes.

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