#BookReview: Vintage Tanya Tales by Sally Bend

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#BookReview: Vintage Tanya Tales by Sally Bend

Knowing the author and understanding these stories originated from a different lifetime, I really found these stories to have some great substance and a fantastic build up to a worth while climax. These stories had everything… intrigue, romance, mystery, fantasy and even a conflict or two. You can’t go wrong with this nice group of stories. All of the stories in this collection stand alone and Sally did an excellent job taking stories from her past and making them relevant in today’s world.

The first, “Fetish Immersion” was a fantastic story. I loved it. The main character’s need coupled with the almost sinister person of the “therapist” hooked me right away. The hypnotic reinforcement was almost too realistic and added to the intrigue. I always enjoy the author’s descriptive narration – making the steamiest scenes – very soft and sensual with enough mystery to allow the reader’s imagination to open up and fantasize further. I think giving too much away makes the story predictable and not as enjoyable.

“Inside Job” delves into the world of sexual exploration and body swapping but not in the most loving way. An ongoing family squabble has an unforeseen result as two people have their lives turned upside down. One is eager to relive a younger life while the other is now faced with living in the body of a lazy, broken down woman. What they realize is that you can’t change your stripes and the outer shell is what you make it. It was a nice story but the characters’ relationship was a little too much for me. Definitely not what I expected.

“Suburban Sissy” is a much more aggressive story filled with dominating feminization that would not only curl your toes, but scare a man to death. A cautious fetish lover finds his mistress online, but she tests his loyalty along with his commitment to being her sissy slave. While he appears obedient to her – playing what I can only describe as some intense role play… this is no role playing story. His aggressively dominant mistress is going to give him what he dreams of… the question is… is he really ready for it? You will have to read the story to find out.

“The Price of the Purloined Panties” was a great story about sexual exploration and curiosity. Guided by a wonderfully developed character who just happens to be futa, a young crossdresser is given the opportunity to fulfill the lifelong dream of seeing how the other half lives, but in order to do so, he must give into his more mature and futa neighbor. The guidance is well written and the transformation is written even better. The reader is instantly transported and you live the story through a different set of eyes.

There is a bonus story in this series which I found very exhilarating. “Futaglamazon” however, I will leave as a surprise for fans and lovers of FUTA… Trust me you will not be disappointed.

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