#FreeSmut: Vegas Surprise

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#FreeSmut: Vegas Surprise

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Kristy and I have been together for three years and known each other since we met at work five years ago. With all the time we spend together, it was inevitable that we marry. So we decided it was time… but because we were both private people, we wanted to keep the event private but still memorable. We began talking about who to invite and where to have our wedding and honeymoon and the discussion quickly took us to Las Vegas. The plan was to have a small ceremony and a short honeymoon before returning home. We were both career-minded and didn’t feel comfortable about being away too long.

So we proceeded to prepare for our upcoming wedding. It wasn’t long before our friends and co-workers got wind of our plans and they wanted to be a part of it. They wanted to set up a bachelor party and bridal shower for us, which was not really something we wanted to do, but we let them have their fun since we were not planning to invite them to the wedding itself.

After a few weeks of planning and hearing what our friends had in store for us, we started to think about our pre-wedding activities.

“Mike, should we do something before the wedding?” Kristy asked.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“I don’t know… our last days of being single and we are going to be in Vegas. I thought we might want to do something we haven’t done before,” she explained.

“Sure, I guess that would be okay… what did you have in mind?” I asked.

“I’m not sure yet, do you have any ideas?” she asked.

“Hmmm, Let me think about it.” I replied, “Would we being doing these things together?”

“I thought about that. I think to be fair, we should each do something we have never done before individually and then we can do something together,” she explained.

“I like that idea.” I replied, “Now when you say anything, do you mean anything?”

“Sure why not.” she said, “I think we should be allowed to do anything we want to without any objection from either of us.”

“I just want to make sure I understand you…” I replied, “If I want to go skydiving naked, you are okay with that.”

“I know where you are going so I will make it easier for you,” she said, “If you want to have one night of sex with someone else I am good with that if I could do the same thing – if I wanted to.”

“Okay, cool… not that I would do that but I appreciate the clarification.” I said.

I had no intention of betraying Kristy’s trust, but I had to know if there were any boundaries. After a few days and only a couple of weeks from our date in Vegas, I had figured out what I wanted to do. Nothing outrageous, but I wanted to try bungee jumping. We had agreed that we would not tell the other what we had planned for our individual event, and I got so wrapped up in other things I left our group activity up to Kristy. I figured she would pick something we would both enjoy.

So the plans were pretty simple. We are going to fly in on Wednesday night. Thursday would be our 24 hour period to do whatever we wanted to do. Friday would be our group activity and finally, we would walk down the aisle on Saturday. I still had no idea what Kristy had in store for us on Friday, but she was very spontaneous so anything was possible.

We arrived in Vegas and Kristy had arranged for a limousine to pick us up and take us to the hotel. After checking in we got up to our room and immediately went to bed. The next morning I woke up to a half-empty bed as Kristy left early to enjoy her day of craziness. All I found was a note she left that read, “Hope you enjoy your day.” After getting cleaned up I looked out onto the strip and of course, it was horrible weather. The rainstorms canceled my bungee jump so I spent the entire day down in the casino. After table-hopping for a few hours I went back up to the room and took a nap. That evening the weather was still pretty bad so I stayed indoors and caught a midnight show at the Mirage. I returned afterward to an empty room. Kristy hadn’t arrived yet, but she did say 24 hours, so I sat on the couch and fell asleep watching television.

The next morning, Kristy woke me as she normally does… with a kiss.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Good morning, did you have fun?” I asked.

“It was definitely interesting, but I had a blast.” she said, “How about you?”

I didn’t want her to feel guilty so I just told her that I had just as much fun. She went to the bathroom and took a long bath. I was still waking up and ordered room service. When they arrived, I walked into the bathroom with two cups of coffee.

“So, what is the plan for today?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise,” she replied.

“Not even a hint?” I asked.

“Well, let’s just say we’ve never done this before,” she replied.

I continued to try and pry information from her, but she was impossible to crack. As she got out of the tub and put on a bathrobe, she finally gave me something.

“Okay, so there are rules to this game we are going to play,” she said.

“Okay, fill me in,” I replied.

“First, this stays between us – no one else knows about this – agreed?” she asked.


“Next, we must do whatever we are instructed to do – agreed?” she asked.


“Now we will hear these rules again, but the goal is to see if we can do it,” she explained.

“Do what?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you, but I have your word you will do it right?” she asked.

“Sure, why not,” I replied.

We both got dressed up and walked down to a waiting limousine. I wondered why Kristy brought a small suitcase but forgot about it once we were in the car. We drove down the Las Vegas Strip although we didn’t do much sightseeing. She and I decided to have sex right there in the car. She started by pulling down my pants and taking hold of my cock and giving me one of her fantastic blowjobs. As she continued to go down on me, I proceeded to pull her ass up to me and began to eat her pussy.

“Oh, that feels good… come on baby suck my dick.” I said.

“Oh your tongue is wonderful, I love it when you lick my pussy,” she replied.

After a little while, she pushed me back onto the seat and hopped up in my lap.

“Come on baby, I want to ride your hard cock,” she said as she inserted me inside her.

My head fell back as she bounced up and down on my cock. Her beautiful tits bounced up and down as her nipples skipped off my tongue. I took cupped her breasts and began biting her nipples as she continued to take every inch of my cock. She then rolled over and laid on the seat and I proceeded to pull her legs up in the air and plow her over and over again until we both came. Kristy reached for her suitcase and pulled out a towel where we both cleaned up and after getting dressed I looked outside to notice we were out in the middle of nowhere.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I told you it is a surprise,” she said.

“Have you been here before?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“I thought we were doing something we never did before,” I replied.

“We are,” she said.

About an hour later, I woke from a short nap to find we had stopped in front of a huge house in the middle of the desert. The driver opened the door and helped us out of the car and walked us up to the house. A very well dressed gentleman then met us.

“Mike and Kristy?” the man said.

“Yes,” Kristy answered.

“We have been expecting you, please come in,” he said.

We walked in and the place was something out of medieval times. The cast iron and stone decor was just the backdrop for what was to come. The butler guided us to a reception area.

“Would you like a refreshment before you begin?” he asked.

“No, I think we are fine for now, thank you,” Kristy said.

“Very good miss, my mistress will be with you shortly,” he said as he walked away.

After he left, I looked at Kristy and asked, “Mistress?”

“Relax baby, it will be fun,” she said.

I figured she would not put me in a difficult position, so I decided to simply run with it and let things play out. A few minutes later, a beautiful woman in a black dress appeared out of nowhere.

“Good evening,” she said.

“Good evening,” Kristy replied.

“I am so glad you decided to attend. Please have a seat,” she said.

Kristy and I sat down as our hostess went over the rules.

“My name is Mistress Emily and I will be one of your guides this evening. Before we begin, it is important that you understand the rules. Do I need to go over them for you?” she asked.

“No, we have discussed them,” Kristy said.

“Excellent.” Emily said, “The red curtains behind you will be your entry point. Once you begin your journey, you will have assistance whenever it is needed. Mike, your path begins through the curtains on the right. Kristy your path begins through the curtains on the left. Take your time, but please understand that once you begin your journey you must complete it. I will give you a few moments alone now. When you are ready simply walk your path.”

She walked out of the room and Kristy immediately got up and kissed me before walking through her curtain. I waited a couple of minutes and after preparing myself stepped through my designated curtain. I started with a completely dark hallway followed by a number of heavy doors. With each door I entered the light became somewhat brighter. Now in a dull lit room, I was then met by three beautiful women in black lace lingerie who spoke no words to me but proceeded to help me out of my clothes. Completely naked I was escorted through another heavy door into a bright room that almost gave me color overload. Something out of a Dr. Seuss book. The three women were excused by a voice behind me.

“That will be all.” Mistress Emily commanded.

“Hello again,” I said.

“You will only speak when spoken to and you will address me as Mistress Emily,” she commanded as she slapped my ass.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.

“What did I tell you?” she angrily asked as she slapped my face.

“Sorry, yes Mistress Emily,” I said.

“Come with me,” she commanded.

I followed her into another room that was not so bright and very warm. It looked like a dungeon and my guess was right. I was immediately grabbed by two large men and strapped to a table, the men left after I was restrained and the three women entered.

“Get to work slaves,” Emily commanded.

The girls first started by pouring a drink which they forced me to drink. The drink was laced with something that made me somewhat numb. Now that I was subdued, the girls proceeded to get me dressed. They started by sliding on a pair of red nylons followed by a matching red bustier. After attaching the nylons to the garters, they inserted breast forms into the bustier and slipped platform heels onto my feet. The table was then pulled upward where I was now standing but still restrained. The girls removed the restraints and moved me to a chair where I was cuffed at the wrists and ankles. I head strap was used to keep my head from moving so the girls could continue the transformation which concluded with full makeup and a brunette wig.

The girls rolled the chair to the wall of mirrors where I saw myself in a way I thought I never would. The girls stood me up and I was blinded by the flashes that were going off as if someone was taking pictures. Needless to say, I was beginning to worry.

“Come here, sissy,” Emily commanded.

I walked over to her without saying a word.

“Do you remember the rules?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress Emily,” I replied.

“Excellent. Come with me,” she commanded.

I followed her down a hallway to a door that led to the back of the building. I was worried that she may actually leave me out here to fend for myself and dressed like a streetwalker in the middle of the desert I doubt I would be able to survive. I had to remember this was just a game.

Emily escorted me to a small building that was no bigger than our hotel room. There I found a bed, a small end table, and a lamp.

“Sit on the bed,” she commanded.

I walked over to the bed and sat down, which apparently was incorrect.

“Sit like a lady you sissy whore,” she commanded as she grabbed my knees and brought them together.

As she walked out of the room, she said, “Your clients will arrive shortly.”

Now I was worried. But before I could plan any type of escape I saw a note on the end table. I opened it and it read “Remember the rules.” Just then, three men stormed into the room and grabbed me and threw me down onto the bed.

“Do not make a sound.” One of the men said. “If you do as you are told, this will end favorably for you. Resist and it will end badly.”

After acknowledging his statement I was pulled up to a standing position. The three men surrounded me all wearing the same color jumpsuit.

“On your knees whore,” they commanded.

I dropped to my knees and the men pulled their cocks out of the opening in the jumpsuit.

“Now suck it.” one of the men said.

When I hesitated, two of the men grabbed me while the other forced his cock into my mouth.

“I warned you,” he said as he rammed his cock in and out of my mouth.

While this continued the other men tied my arms and legs so I could not move easily and began to play with themselves and me.

“Look at her sissy cock.” one of them said.

“I bet she is a virgin.” the other man said.

I had given up on trying to resist, I simply complied with everything they wanted. I began to willingly suck the first man’s rock hard cock while the other continued to stroke and suck mine. When I began to moan with pleasure, the men were now ready to take it up a notch.

“I think she likes it.” one of the men said.

“Do you want more sissy?” Another asked.

With my mouth full I could not say anything but nodded with approval. The men stood me up turned me around and bent me over tying my wrists to my ankles. One of the men pulled my head up and continued to mouth fuck me, while the others began to eat my man pussy getting me as wet as possible. After several slaps to my ass and feeling them penetrate me with their fingers, I began to moan louder.

“You want more don’t you whore?” they asked.

Again I nodded in the affirmative while I still had a cock in my mouth. At that point the man removed his cock from my mouth walked behind me and slid it slowly into my ass.

“AHHHHHHHEEEEEEEE… That hurts.” I screamed

“Shut up whore and take it.” the man said.

“NOOOO Stop, OOWWWWWWW… IT Hurts.” I shouted again.

“Scream all you want you are going to get fucked harder and harder.” the man said.

As he continued to plow into me the pain subsided and I calmed down to the point where the other men did not have to hold me up. They removed the restraints and I was able to hold myself up as he continued to fuck me.

“You like it don’t you sissy?” he asked.


“You are a little sissy whore aren’t you?” he asked.

“YEESSSSS,” I replied.

Just then, one of the others, moved in to take the first man’s place. He lubed up and continued to ram into me.

“Wow, she is tight. It is going to take a while to loosen this whore up,” he said.

“You like that cock in your ass don’t you?” he asked.

“YES,” I said.

“Yes what?” he asked.

“YES I LOVE IT,” I replied.

“LOVE WHAT WHORE?” he asked.


This continued for while as each of them took turns penetrating me. I was then thrown down on my back as the three men moved in around me. On their knees, they continued to stroke themselves until they came all over my face and chest. One of them moved in and rubbed the cum off my face onto his cock and proceeded to stick it back in my mouth until I licked his cock clean.

The men then got up and walked out of the room. I cleared my eyes of the remaining cum and walked to the door but was unable to get out as it was locked from the other side. After several attempts to push it open, I gave up and sat on the bed. Exhausted, I fell asleep. A little while later the girls who dressed me were back and were now cleaning me up. I was escorted back into the main building back down the hallway to a closed door.

“Before you enter, this is the last portion of your journey. You must complete this final task.” one of the girls explained.

The door opened and I stood in front of Emily as she stood in front of Kristy who appeared to have gone through a similar experience. She was restrained and was facing down towards the floor elevated with her arms and legs spread apart.

“I offer this whore to you,” Emily said.

Kristy looked up at me and was shocked at what she saw, which indicated to me that this was never part of the planned evening. I walked up to her and Emily was still giving instructions.

“Open your mouth whore,” Emily said.

Kristy immediately opened her mouth and took my cock and began sucking it. As she moved her head the chains that bound her acted like a swing moving back and forth as she gave me another blowjob. As I was close to cumming, Emily stepped in.

“That’s enough whore,” she said.

Emily guided me behind Kristy and offered her other end to me.

“She is yours to use as you will,” Emily said.

I could tell Kristy had already been fucked hard in both her ass and pussy. Irritated and red I was concerned about hurting her but remembered the words I got before walking in. I needed to complete the task. So I dropped down and began to gently kiss and lick her pussy. Kristy began to moan uncontrollably, then got really aggressive.

“Come on you sissy whore… FUCK ME.” Kristy said.

I looked around and noticed that everyone had left the room.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“COME ON FAG, FUCK ME IN THE ASS.” she commanded.

I wasn’t sure what to do. She was acting like a rabid dog that needed to be put in her place. So I decided to do just that.

I took my cock and slapped her pussy and ass with it. Then I pushed into her pussy over and over again.

“Come on baby give it to me,” she said.

“You want it, don’t you,” I replied.

“OOOOHHHHH YEAH give me that rock hard cock,” she replied.

I continued to penetrate her then she became very insistent.


“You want it,” I asked.



“Oh, that feels so good,” I said.


I continued to penetrate her until I was ready to cum.

“CUM BABY, CUM IN MY MOUTH,” she said.

I pulled out and walked around her and continued to mouth fuck her until I shot my load into her mouth. She caught almost every drop and after coating her tongue with my white-hot juices she continued to mouth fuck me until she swallowed everything I had to offer.

As soon as we were done, I was escorted away where the three girls cleaned me up and dressed me as I was when I arrived. I was taken to a bar area where I enjoyed a couple of drinks before being joined by Kristy. We then walked out to the limousine and were driven back to the hotel. Never saying a word to each other, we arrived back at the hotel only hours before our wedding ceremony. After struggling up to the room, we began getting ready, remaining silent until we were in the chapel and reciting our vows and the most important words… “I Do.”

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