Handle With Care: Collection Volume 1

Handle With Care: Collection Volume 1

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This book series tells the story of Andrew, Casey, Amy and Mike…

Book 1: Handle With Care
Andrew is a young mail clerk trying to get ahead and move up the corporate ladder, but has a secret and that secret has been exposed. He now has to make some tough choices. Ignore the blackmailing threats and risk a promising career or give into them and risk the same thing. Find out how Andrew comes up with a third option and turns the table on his blackmailer.

Book 2: Handle with CD Care
Andrew is now Julie and flourishing in her new life working along side Casey. So much so that the company is growing at a record pace, but things are about the change. Casey’s sudden departure now leaves Julie with some tough choices to make. How does she run the company and keep her clients happy? She uses her hidden assets and what she’s learned to keep one client in particular very happy and a staff member even happier. Only this story doesn’t end happily… it ends with a cliffhanger.

Book 3: Handle with Caution: Casey’s Return
After returning from a long eventful vacation, Julie learns that her Andrew persona has been reported missing and the police suspect foul play. She now faces her worst fear and jail time if she is not careful, but the investigation is no accident and Julie must not only find out the who, but the why and bring them all to justice before her life comes to a gruesome end.

Published by

M. C. Questgend

Born in 1971, M.C. Questgend traveled the country with his parents as a military brat. Settling in Texas where he was first introduced to alternative lifestyles, he was able to finish high school and continue his new "hobby" in college. After college, he and "she" returned to start a family, but the strain of his "secret" was too much for his now ex-wife. Married a second time was not the answer, so M.C. has transferred the stress to the pen and keyboard. Writing erotic stories - some loosely based on his and "her" life as well as stories involving aspects of the LGBT community, a community and lifestyle he has come to privately embrace. M.C. Questgend is a pen name used to protect his privacy and anonymity. The intent was to write stories that entertain, inspire and motivate - which are as much sensual and heartwarming as they are sexual and explicit. Want to know more about M.C.? Visit http://www.mcquestgend.com or follow M.C. on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/mcquestgend).

2 thoughts on “Handle With Care: Collection Volume 1”

  1. Review from my good friend Sally Bend…

    Duality is the name of the game with Handle With Care by M.C. Questgend. This is a collection of stories where everything has two meanings and everyone has two faces.

    Andrew spends his nights and weekends as Julie, indulging himself so deeply in his feminine side that the prospect of returning to ‘normal’ life on Monday slowly fills him with dread. Casey is a woman he works with at the office, a friendly face who initially seems interested in befriending him, but who soon turns to domination and blackmail.

    The first chapter is a story that initially seems to be a sweet crossdressing romance, but which quickly turns into a kinky story of gloryholes, dominant women, and sissy bisexuality. The second chapter follows a similar pattern of duality, opening as a slice of transgender fiction, before giving way to rough domination, with a sweet secretary who turns the tables and violently tops her boss. The final chapter brings all of that duality together, but turns it all on its head, revealing a new side of the characters, their relationships, and the law.

    I love it when a story surprises me, going in a direction I had not anticipated, and M.C. Questgend does that on more than one occasion here. Andrew/Julie is a wonderful character, in whom we see a fantastic progression of gender. The overall dramatic story arc is strong, and the legal twists in the climax are so rewarding. On top of all that, the erotic aspects are exquisite, well-detailed and with a surprising edge. This is a story that is not afraid to delve into both pleasure and pain, and to challenge the reader, making us wonder about motivations.

    As the title suggests, this is definitely one story to Handle With Care . . . just do not expect the characters to be as gentle with you.

  2. The build-up through the stories was fantastic. It was very similar to a three-act play where act one was all about introducing the primary characters and learning more about them. In act two, the happy ending was short lived as everything goes wrong and the end doesn’t tell you where the characters are heading, and finally act three which was predictable at first. I obviously knew Casey was coming back, but how was she coming back and what was her intent? As I read this third installment, I was blown away as the conflict grew and the characters were making some difficult choices.

    I hope there is another collection of these characters. I would love to know where Julie’s life is headed… does it involve Amy… and what about Casey?

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