Handle with Caution: Casey’s Return

Handle with Caution: Casey’s Return

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After returning from a long eventful vacation, Julie learns that her Andrew persona has been reported missing and the police suspect foul play. She now faces her worst fear and jail time if she is not careful, but the investigation is no accident and Julie must not only find out the who, but the why and bring them all to justice before her life comes to a gruesome end.

One thought on “Handle with Caution: Casey’s Return”

  1. The build-up through the stories was fantastic. It was very similar to a three-act play where act one was all about introducing the primary characters and learning about them. In act two, the happy ending was short lived as everything goes wrong and the end doesn’t tell you where the characters are heading, and finally this act. Act three was unexpected at first. I obviously knew Casey was coming back, but how was she coming back and what was her intent? As I read this third installment, I was blown away as the conflict grew and the characters were making some difficult choices.

    I would love to see what Casey does next and how Julie’s life goes on.

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