My New Step-Sister by M.C. Questgend

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My New Step-Sister by M.C. Questgend

My dad was finally ready to remarry. He dated a nice woman with a daughter who was about my age, but my soon to be step-sister had an unexpected secret and after walking in on her, she begged me to keep her secret until after the wedding ceremony. With only a week before the big day, Kiley and I got to know each other very quickly and what I learned was shocking, sad and kinky – all at the same time and while our folks had their special day, Kiley and I had our own special night together.

After the honeymoon, things returned to normal for me and Kiley. I returned to my lonely busy life and Kiley adjusted to life in a new town. She took a job at a hotel but an unfortunate accident forced her new step-brother to come to her rescue again which would change their lives forever.

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  1. W says:

    I know that some stories push the boundry of realistic world, but that’s what makes stories like this great.

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