My Perfect Partner: David and Tina

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My Perfect Partner: David and Tina

This story is about David.  A simple hardworking guy who has two of the greatest and heart wrenching relationships of a lifetime.  Growing up a straight meat and potatoes kinda guy, he meets April who loves a good meal but has a hunger that David tries desperately to satisfy.  As their relationship grows, so do they and they come to want other things that neither can satisfy, but they continue to make it work until one of them can no longer handle the strain.  In the process, they learn the priorities have changed and no longer include each other.

As they finally go their separate ways, it’s David who learns more about himself and what he wants in life… enter Tina.  A bartender who shares many of the same qualities as David, but who struggles to meet her own expectations.  When David tries to help his new friend, she strangely keeps him at a distance, adding another layer of mystery to her already mysterious lifestyle.

This story delves into the world of insatiable lust and a respectful restraint that develops between David and his partners.  A restraint that neither April nor Tina wants… but for different reasons.

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  1. LizzyTG says:

    A wonderful love story for 3. it made me cry and get turned on at the same time.

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